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President Dai Bin Led a Team and Visited Caissa Travel

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On Jan. 3 p.m., 2018, CTA President Dai Bin led a team and visited Hna-Caissa Travel Group. At the meeting, Caissa Travel President Chen Xiaobing, together with Vice President Ren Xiaojun and other management team members, reviewed Caissa Travel Founder Mr. Chen Mang’s experience from serving as a travel guide and a team leader to founding the Company, made a detailed introduction to the work of travel guides and team leaders in the Company, and shared the Company’s experience of providing effective support to the work of travel guides and team leaders by the means of system building, payment system, corporate culture, humanistic care, and information technology application, etc. The two sides also exchanged opinions on the issues arising in the Company’s operation and travel guide and team leader management.    

President Dai Bin gave his full acknowledgement to the work of travel guides and team leaders in the Company and made a speech entitled “No Travel Guide’s Professional Dignity, No Quality Tourism’s Future”. He pointed out that travel guides could not only make outstanding contributions to tourism diplomacy, guaranteeing service quality, and promoting enterprise reform and industry innovation, but also play a key role in the transformation of tourism industry or even that of all sectors in the society. And he emphasized that the public authority could take the lead in promoting quality tourism and improving travel guide’s work environment, and proposed that the national conference of travel guides could be held, the association of Chinese travel guides could be established, thereby travel guide and team leader’s professional qualification and ability could win respect from tourists and the public.

President Chen Xiaobing pointed out that the travel guides and team leaders were the Company’s core strategic resources which should not only be managed in a certain regulation but also be given more humanistic care. And he emphasized that the dignity of travel guide and team leader’s work should also be supported with a good commercial pattern. Chief Officer Guo Ping of Strategic Development Center made a detailed introduction to the Company’s team leader management system and the corporate culture of care for team leaders, including system building, daily management, professional training, benefits system, team building, and quality management and control, etc. Two representatives of the Company’s team leaders, Ms. Wang Anhao and Mr. Hong Renman shared their respective experiences and expressed their sense of pride as a team leader and their real feelings of career development, etc.; and they also made an in-depth discussion about the Company’s management system and the work of travel guides and team leaders.

Other CTA team members in this visit included Dr. Yang Honghao, Dr. Zhan Dongmei, and post-doctoral fellow Zhang Yang of CTA Institute of Tourism Industry and Enterprise Development, and Ms. Dai Huihui of CTA Statistics Center.

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