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National Bureau of Statistics Sent Letter for Giving a Full Acknowledgment on Tourism Statistics Work

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Recently, National Bureau of Statistics sent a letter of thanks for giving a full acknowledgment on tourism statistics work. 

The letter stated that the statistics department of China National Tourism Administration (CNTA) faithfully implemented the Instructions on Deepening the Reform of Statistical Management System and Improving the Authenticity of Statistical Data (hereinafter “the Instructions”) issued by the Central Government and the planning at the national statistics conference, advanced tourism statistics reform and administration, promoted statistics publicity and openness, provided reference for effective decision-making on industry development and tourism administration, and made great contributions to the healthy and sustainable development of statistics undertaking and modernization of the State governance system and ability. It was hoped that tourism administrations could continue to deepen the implementation of the Instructions and other relevant laws and regulations, conduct statistics work by laws and regulations, be determined to deepen statistics reform, and provide firmer statistics guarantee for building a moderately well-off society in an all-round way and achieving the great victory of socialism with Chinese characteristics in a new era.

CTA President & the NTDC Director Dai Bin communicated the contents of the letter to all staffs of the NTDC and expressed his thanks to the colleagues for their excellent work and diligent efforts. The NTDC staffs stated that they would continue to make persistent efforts, center around the core work, serve for the general planning, advance the statistics and data work by laws and regulations, and provide the support for China going into the new era of quality tourism. 

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