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Research Result of Index System of China Sunshine Health Tourist Destination Released

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On Jan. 18, the research result of Index System of China Sunshine Health Tourist Destination was released at the First Sichuan Tourism News Media International Marketing Conference. The work was a joint research of China Tourism Academy (CTA), Sichuan Research Institute of Tourism Planning, and the People’s Government of Panzhihua City. This conference was attended by Mr. Fu Yonglin, Director of Sichuan Provincial Commission of Tourism Development, Mr. Li Jianqin, Secretary of the Party Committee of Panzhihua City, Panzhihua Mayor Wang Bo, and CTA Vice President Li Zhongguang; and it had more than 300 attendees who were the representatives of Chinese and overseas tourism experts and new media experts.    

This research project was in the responsibility of Dr. Huang Huang at CTA. At the conference, on behalf of the research team, Vice President Li Zhongguang gave an overview of the book and pressed the fingerprint for releasing together with those by Chief Engineer Xu Bei of Sichuan Research Institute of Tourism Planning, and Panzhihua Deputy Mayor Li Wenfei. Vice President Li Zhongguang also joined the roundtable and accepted a special interview by Xinhuanet. 

Panzhihua is well-known for its sunshine and blossoming flowers all over the year. The government makes use of the unique natural advantage and boldly proposed the concept of “health resort plus” and has been listed in the first batch of the national pilot cities for health resort. The city has the nationally-known Panzhihua Iron and Steel (Group) Company Limited, or Pangang, as well as an ideal place of health resort with a unique subtropical picturesque scenery of sunshine and flowers. 

The city deepens the implementation of the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress, makes full use of the resource of “sunshine”, tries to construct a national destination of sunshine health resort tourism, formulate the standard, and set an example for the construction of such destination in China. For this purpose, Panzhihua Municipal Tourism Bureau entrusted CTA and Sichuan Research Institute of Tourism Planning to jointly produce Index System of China Sunshine Health Tourist Destination.  

The index system has a total of 1,000 marks and includes seven sub-indices (primary indices), i.e., health resort tourism resource (300 marks), health resort tourism infrastructures (100 marks), health resort tourism service (200 marks), health resort tourism housing (100 marks), health resort tourists socializing activities (200 marks), health resort tourism cost (50 marks), and health resort tourism performance (50 marks).

Under the framework of the primary indices and in accordance with the requirement and development situation of sunshine health resort tourist destination, the primary indices were further divided into 24 secondary indices, then 54 tertiary indices, then 82 lower indices, and then 435 lowest indices. 

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