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China International Health Tourism Summit Held

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On Dec. 15, China International Health Tourism Summit was held after the opening ceremony of Beijing International Health Tourism Expo (HTE). This conference was jointly hosted by China Tourism Academy (CTA) and Beijing Sunny Communications Ltd., and co-hosted by World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies and Trendhealth Magazine (Shishang Jiankang Zazhishe). China National Tourism Administration (CNTA) Vice Chairman Du Jiang attended the conference and gave a speech. And it had more than 300 attendees including Inspector Zhang Xilong of CNTA Advancement and International Cooperation Department, Academician Wu Yiling of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Ms. Helen Shapovalova, former Chairperson of the State Agency of Ukraine for Tourism & Resorts, and those from governments, tourism industry, health care, ageing industry, and other areas in China and beyond.

In his speech, CNTA Vice Chairman Du Jiang stated that tourism and health were two key members of the five major happiness industries as well as the critical areas and essential factors that were vital for building a moderately well-off society in an all-around way. Advancing the integrative development of health and tourism could meet the practical needs of the national strategy and industry development. In recent years, China tourism administration took efforts for promoting the supply-side structural reform, and tourism industry was distinguished with comprehensive development, significant breakthroughs, rapid growth, and further advancement. Both the rate of tourism industry’s comprehensive contribution to the national economy and that to employment exceeded 10%. The industry was increasingly transforming to the integrative development of opening “tourism plus” pattern. Under the background of this development, health tour had become a new way of the people to meet the needs of tourism and health, which stimulated the development of featured markets such as high-end medicine, specialized and professional treatment, traditional Chinese medicine health care, rehabilitation and recuperation, and resort treatment. As for health tourism development, he proposed three pieces of suggestions: the first was to seize the opportunity and play an active part; the second was to be aware of market orientation and integrative development; and the third was to make sense of the international view and innovative development. 

At the conference, CTA Vice President Li Zhongguang gave a keynote speech entitled “Construction and Operation of Health Tourist Destination”. Deputy Director Yang Honghao of CTA Institute of Tourism Industry and Enterprise Development gave a speech entitled “Innovative Development of Health Tourism Industry” and chaired the roundtable. Deputy Director Xiao Jianyong of CTA Cultural Tourism Research Base joined the roundtable. And Dr. Zhao Zihe of CTA Laboratory for Traditional Chinese Medicine Health Tourism released China Health Tourism Report.

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