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China Tourism Development Forum 2017 Held in Suzhou

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On Dec. 20, China Tourism Development Forum was ceremoniously held in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province. This conference was jointly hosted by China Tourism Academy and China Tourism Association, and its themes were “International Strategies for Chinese Tourism Companies” and “Content Creating and Life Leading”. China National Tourism Administration Vice Chairman Du Jiang gave a speech at the conference which had more than 600 attendees including China Tourism Academy President Dai Bin, China Tourism Association President Duan Qiang and Vice President Zhang Rungang, the leaders of several giant Chinese tourism groups, the representatives of new types of tourism business, tourism experts and scholars, and the representatives of several influential Chinese media agencies.

In his speech, Vice Chairman Du Jiang pointed out that in 2017, we were in the new era of mass tourism and at the new position of all-for-one tourism; under the Central Government’s firm leadership and in line with the general principles of the “13th Five Year” Planning, China tourism industry comprehensively advanced the reform, development, and innovation and made desirable achievements. The inbound tourism market kept a growing tendency; especially there was a new channel for the all-around recovery and growth of inbound tourists beside those from Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan. The domestic tourism continued to keep a high rate of growth. China economy was undergoing a transformation from made-in-China to service-in-China, then again to creation-in-China. The achievements of supply-side reform in tourism industry were outstanding, a great advancement was made in tourism market entity construction, the tourism industry performance was improving. It was noticeable that tourism companies met the people’s demand for wonderful travel and attached high importance to content creation and product innovation. And he expressed his hope that all kinds of tourism market entities could play a more important role in addressing the problem of tourism development imbalance and inadequateness.

The theme of the seminar in the afternoon was “Content Creation and Life Leading”; and China Tourism Academy Vice President was the chair. 

President Dai Bin gave a keynote speech entitled “Create A Good life and Lead Quality Tourism” and released the “Top 10 China Tourism Groups in 2017”. He stated that tourism market entities, especially tourism groups, could meet the people’s demand for good tourism experience as well as the major providers of quality tourism; they should be responsible for and be capable of content creation and quality service to constantly meet the prevailing demand and creating the future demand, make use of fashion to lead the future of tourism and that of social life; and all innovative development of tourism market entities, especially that of tourism groups, should take the people’s demand for a good life into account. 

He emphasized that people engaged in tourism should understand the characteristics of tourism market in the new era, explore the new potentials, and create new demands. Facing the people’s demand for a good life, we should uphold the concept of sharing by local residents and incoming tourists, create new cultures, and cultivate new contents. We should manage to communicate local people’s sense of happiness to the incoming tourists and try to make quality life into product and tourism program. We should make a systemic analysis of change in tourism development environment, apply new sciences and technologies, and put new driving force into tourism development. We should really understand that the core of a technology was philosophy, especially commercial philosophy. And we should fully know the effect of big data and allow and encourage multiple and free exploration and practice.   

In the following, on behalf of the research team, Dr. Wu Liyun of CTA Institute of Tourism Industry and Enterprise Development released China Tourism Group Development Report 2017, in which it points out that content creation is becoming an important orientation of current tourism enterprise’s innovation, change of demand stimulates tourism enterprise’s supply innovation, tourism enterprise shall transform from quantity-centered growth to quality-centered growth, and content creation has become an important orientation of tourism enterprise’s transformation and development.  

In addition, eight distinguished guests delivered their keynote speeches, respectively, Shanghai Disney Vice President Wang Yan: “Development of Globally-known Brand in China”, Haichang Group Board of Directors Chairman Wang Xuguang: “Create Marine Theme Park Featured with Independent IP”, (Hainan Airline) HiApp Company CEO Ke Shengcan: “Travel Service toward the Future”, China International Travel Service Limited Head Office Chairman Yu Ningning: “New CITS, New Travel”, Kaiyuan Group President Chen Miaoqiang: “Innovation and Practice of Green Grassland”, 1001 HOTEL (Hong Kong) Group Founder Han Kaizhou: “Life Creation and Content Leading of Homestay Industry in New Economy”, The Hotelier Awards Founder & Riviera Events Founder Stephane deMontgros: “Hotelier Awards in Greater China: Inspiring Chinese Youths to Join Hotel Industry”, and Hangzhou Municipal Commerce Tourism Group Co., Ltd. General Manager Lu Xiaoliang: “Practice and Consideration of Tourist Destination”.  

President Dai Bin chaired Roundtable One. Extensive discussion about the topics of “Theme Park: What Kind of IP Shall We Need?” and “Travel Service: When the Content of Fashion Meets with the Logic of Commerce” was made by Dianfeng Zhiye Tourism & Cultural Creativity Founder Liu Feng, UN World Tourism Organization Expert & Huayi Qiming Dongfang Chairman & President Ma Ke, Travelrely (Beijing) Technology Limited CTO Gan Guohua, Joyu Group Special Assistant to Board Chair & Destination Operation Vice President Cai Yihui, and Deputy General Manager Li Chengdong of Big Data Undertaking Department of China Telecom Cloud Computing Company. 

Deputy Director Yang Honghao of CTA Institute of Tourism Industry and Enterprise Development chaired Roundtable Two. Extensive discussion about the topics of “Hotel Industry: How Does Dream Become True?” and “Life Experience: How can IP be introduced into life” was made by Woniu Tourist Attraction Management Co., Ltd. Founder Xu Ting, Jiuqi Boutique Resort Hotel Chain Founder A Lang, Duocaitou Partner Zhou Haibin, and Sweetome Group Market and Public Relation Officer Jiang Yan. 

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