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President Dai Bin Headed a Team to Visit Unicom Big Data Co., Ltd.

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On the morning of Jul. 13, President Dai Bin headed a team to visit Unicom Big Data Co., Ltd. for investigation. Accompanied by General Manager Zhao Yue, Deputy General Manager Zhou Hua, CTO Song Yu, etc., the team looked around the office environment, and watched the big data demonstration system that integrates basic products, application platform and industry solutions.


During the meeting, General Manager Zhao Yue introduced the company’s development concept, market positioning, operation mode and product series in detail, and hoped to get intelligent support from CTA, especially to cooperate in the product development and value transformation based on data mining. Product Manager Xia Rong introduced the company’s R&D of data products in such fields as tourism, government affairs, safety, transportation, etc.

President Dai Bin highly appreciated the achievements obtained by Unicom Big Data Co., Ltd. after over one year’s operation, and hoped the company carry out scientific research on big data, and perform commercial transformation of the data based on the demands from industries and market entities, especially conduct more exploration on finding and creating market demands through data mining, and market integration innovation and commercial innovation based on the data.

Chief Statistician Tang Xiaoyun, Laboratory Principals He Qiongfeng and Zhang Jiayi, postdoctors Xie Zhongwen and Wang Huiying, and Tang Tianhong from Document Information Center participated in the investigation.

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