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Amit Sood of Google visited CAT

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June 19th, President Dai Bin met Mr Amit Sood, the director of Google's Cultural Institute and Art Project, and his team.

Dai Bin firstly welcomed the visit of Amit Sood and appreciated the work by Google’s Cultural Institute and Art Project of online display of artistic works, historical relics and cultural content from nearly 1000 museums, archives, galleries and other organizations. Dai Bin noted that art and culture, which embodies visible civilization, belong to both ancient and modern times. Google’s Art and Culture Project revives culture through technology and enables people to learn different civilizations around the world, which coincides with the work of CAT. The integration of culture and tourism has become the major development direction of China’s tourism industry. Therefore, based on the successful cooperation in co-hosting “China Inbound Tourism Summit 2018”, CAT is willing to work with Google in overseas promotion of China’s tourism destination under the topic of “China in One Belt One Road” and content of ancient China, modern China and present China, thus to promote the overseas promotion of Chinese culture.


Amit Sood agreed with President Dai Bin. He stated that culture is a comprehensive concept and China is substantial in cultural carriers and spectacular stories to share with the world. In material world, the promotion of Europe is earlier than the east world, however, in the virtual world, countries and regions around the world are at the same start point and the chance of future will definitely belongs to the east world, to China. He also emphasized that as an ancient country of the east with profound cultural connotation, the development potential and market outlook in carrying out Google’s World Art and Culture Project. He hoped that the cooperation with CAT can be initiated as soon as possible so that China’s cultural connotation and Google’s technology can be fully integrated.


Pierre Caessa, the Supervisor of Google’s Art Institute and Culture Lab Project, Ms. Liu Jia, Manager of Google’s GCG Public Policy and Government Business, Prof. Jiang Yiyi, the Director of Institute of International Tourism of CAT and Prof Li Chuangxin attended the meeting.

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