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International Seminar on “New Trend of Tourism, New Power of Culture” Was Held in Suzhou

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    On May 17th, 2019, the global linkage program in “China Tourism & Culture Week” held a special event in Suzhou. China Tourism Academy organized the event and hosted the international seminar on “New Trend of Tourism, New Power of Culture” with China International Culture Exchange Center and Suzhou People’s Government. More than 150 guests from China and abroad attended the meeting, including related countries’ ambassadors to China, consul generals, representatives of tourism offices, representatives of China and foreign culture, tourism companies, as well as industry medias.

    Hosted by Tang Xiaoyun, the Deputy President of the CTA, the international seminar on “New Trend of Tourism, New Power of Culture” aims to strengthen the opinion exchanges and cultural dialogue among China and foreign countries on civil and cultural topics, to search for the new development mode of tourism and culture, to exchange new thoughts and achievement, to promote the innovative practice of “boosting tourism by culture, upgrading tourism quality and spreading culture by tourism”.

    In the enthusiastic address, Liu Hongge, the Deputy Director of China International said that through a broad, multi-level and full-chain way, the deep integration of culture and tourism shows a noteworthy new trend, a surging new power.

    Then, Quan Hua, Exhibition and Tourism School of Shanghai International Business & Economics, Jacopo Sertoli, Founder of “Welcome China” Program, Wu Zhixiang, Founder and Chairman of TravelGo, and Erhard Rau, Chairman of Culture and Economy Promotion Committee of Germany delivered keynote speeches.

    After the speeches, a panel, hosted by Yang Jinsong, Director of International Tourism Institute of the CTA, was held on the topic of “New power of tourism development in the background of culture and tourism integration”. Guests at the seminar included Wang Jinxing, Chairman of Suzhou Cultural Tourism Group, Wu Lanna, Head of Airbnb's East China Public Policy, Shen Han, Professor of Fudan University, Zhang Youyin, Deputy Secretary-General of Hulunbuir Municipal Government, and Zhang Xinli, Director of the Information Office of Research Institute, China Tourism Group. They made a hot discussion on from what aspects to integrate culture and tourism, and on how to explore the new power of tourism development. There was a consensus that the new power of tourism development should base on the integration of culture and tourism, which also usher a new world to the tourism development.

    Liu Xiangyan from the International Tourism Institute of China Tourism Academy chaired the discussion on the theme of "New Approaches to Cultural Tourism Exchange and Destination Promotion". Among the guests were Viktor Vereb, China Representative of the China-Europe OBOR Culture & Tourism Committee, Eric Mergy, Founder and CEO of Erlinyou, Gao Jie, Account Manager of Google China’s Key Account Department, and Angelo Morano, COO of Zheyi Holdings. They had a lively discussion on how to promote cultural tourism cooperation and tourism destinations, and concluded that cultural tourism exchanges and tourism destination marketing complement each other and promote each other; technology has a great role to play in tourism destination marketing; destination marketing needs to accurately portray target customers first, and some other beneficial opinions.

    PhD Yang Liqiong of International Tourism Institute of the CTA attended the seminar.

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