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President Dai Bin Led a Research in Beijing Davost Intelligence

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    On the afternoon of May 8, President Dai Bin led a research in Beijing Davost Intelligence Tourism & Culture Creating Co., Ltd. Attendees from Davost Intelligence to the meeting include: Dr. Liu feng, Founder of Davost Intelligence and Chairman of OCTTourism Investment Group, Chairman Shu Ying, Vice President Li Shuping, President Assistant and Director of Innovation Research Department Liu Fuxin.

    Mr. Liu feng warmly welcomed President Dai Bin and the team, introduced the history of Davost Intelligence and its current business, shared the startup and operation experience, and looked forward to the in-depth cooperation with CTA.Chairman Shu Ying shared her thought about the discussion. Liu Fuxin, Zhang Wei, Qian Ming,Li Bin and other heads of departments introduced the business sectorssuch as peak night tourism, intelligent tourism, travel points theory, peak tourism investment, etc.

    President Dai Bin fully recognized the achievements by Dr. Liu Feng and Davost Intelligence in recent years, stating that Dr. Liu Feng is committed to tourism developmentwith his own knowledge, and Davost Intelligencekeeps promoting intelligent development of the industry. President Dai Bin shared hisexperience and view points on the future development of culture & tourism enterprises, pointing out the enterprises should explore tourists’ demands via big data analysis, set up their own operation mode, and advise Davost Intelligence may transform from tourism planning to better life. He also expressed his willingness for the cooperation, saying that both sides could carry out in-depth cooperation innight tourismdevelopment, summit forum, digital cultural & creative research base and personnel training.

    Director Yang Honghao, Dr. Zhan Dongmei and Dr. Zhang Yang from the Institute of Tourism Industry and Enterprise Development of CTA, Dr. Guo Na, PostdoctorsLi Longhui, Zhao Yijing and Zhai Huimin from the Institute of Regional Tourism Planning and Development of CTA, participated in the research and discussion.

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