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2019 Digital Culture and Tourism Development Forum Was Held ——Focusing on 5G and Integration of Culture and Tourism

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    Approved by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, 2019 Digital Culture and Tourism Development Forum was held on May 10th. The forum was co-hosted by China Tourism Academy, Guilin Tourism Institute and LvXiang Network, supported by Culture & Tourism App and Oversea Edition of People’s Daily, cooperated by Ali Cloud innovation Center and organized by LvXiang Network Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. The forum was themed on “5G and Integration of Culture and Tourism”. Former Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Yu Yin, former Vice President of the National Federation of Trade Unions, Honorary Chairman of the Painting and Calligraphy Artists Association, Jiang Jiafu, Vice Director of Science & Technology Association of the Joint Staff Department of the PLA, Major General Hu Yongfeng, and other leaders of the diplomatic, cultural and scientific circles were invited to attend. More than 300 guests attended the forum, including Liu Qi, Director of Chongqing Culture and Tourism Development Committee, Jia Yucheng, Inspector of Guangxi Culture and Tourism Department, Gong Qijun, Secretary-General of China International Culture and Art Fair, as well as representatives of domestic and foreign cultural and tourism department, business circles, science and technology, scholars and medias, as well as global partners of the forum.

    In the opening ceremony, President of CTA and Director of the Data Center of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism Dai Bin addressed a speech. He said that the era of digital culture and tourism has coming. With the new technologies, such as 5G, 4K, people’s future travel is changing. Today, the tourism industry has entered in to a new era of sharing between guests and hosts. Pushed by technologies, the edges of various industries are now disappearing, and the industry of culture and tourism must change and innovate to adjust the new situation. Therefore, industry developers, business managers, and industry regulators must respond to the arrival of such a new era with new thinking and new methods. President Dai Bin also raised two expectations. One is that no matter how the technology changes, our ultimate goal is to be people-oriented, but we must have an objective understanding of the impact and application of technologies. The second is that to satisfy people’s demand for travel is the benchmark of the development of the industry.

    Researcher Wang Peiren of the “OBOR” Legal Research Center of Renmin University gave a lecture on “Achievements in the Digital Silk Road Forum”, and introduced the achievement of the “Digital Silk Road Sub-forum” themed on “Building 21st Century Digital Silk Road Together”, which is the sub-forum of the 2nd OBOR Summit for International Cooperation.  

    Liu Qi, Director of Chongqing Culture and Tourism Development Committee made an address on Smart Industry and Digital Culture and Tourism: the Experience and Outlook of Chongqing. He introduced hot issues on Chongqing digital culture and tourism, as well as the digitalization of the industry of culture and tourism of the city. Since 2018, the development of smart industry and 5G has roused massive attention.

    Qin Gang, Deputy Secretary-General of Center of China and Globalization made an address on the Fifth generation of Urban Civilization: the Dream of China’s Culture and Tourism. He analyzed the trend of world urban development and outstanding cases and based on these cases, he also explained the close relationship between modern cities and the industry of culture and tourism, as well as the development direction of this industry.

    Guo Jiongming, director of Aliyun Creation Center (Wuxi) made an address on Technology Empowerment of 5G and Integration of Culture and Tourism. He shared the technological development of 5G, cloud computing and intelligent technology. He also introduced newly cases of Ali Creation Center, especially on smart tourism resolution.

    Liao Yu, Founder and CEO of Lvxiang made an address on 5G and Integration of Culture and Tourism, in which he shared opinions on reshaping culture and tourism through 5G and other new technologies, supply side reform of the industry, global video services in culture and tourism, upgrading of the industry, customized products, international competitions and other related policy advices.

    In the keynote speech session, Gao Jie, Senior Manager of Key Account Department, Google China, Ph.D Huang Huang, member of “Safe Travel and Responsible Travel” Topic Team, Li Xia, Manager of China Global Media of China Cultural Media Group Co., Ltd, Hong Xici, Founder of Quantum Leadership, Chen Zuwang, Chairman of Suzhou Zhuyuan Technology Information Company, Li Xin, Chairman of Shanghai Creatoo Network Technolgoy Company, Fan Nan, General Manager of Everbright Capital Investment delivered speeches on Digital Google, Ditigal Technology Promoting Safe and Responsible Travel, China Culture and Tourism versus Digital Culture and Tourism, Quantum time and company management, AR/VR and tourism, digital technology and cultural cloud in 5G time, as well as capital and digital culture and tourism, respectively.

    Three panels were held in the afternoon. The first one was themed on “Touch 5G”, which was hosted by He Qiongfeng, Director of Key Lab on Tourism Industry of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Gao Zhaoqing, Senior Manager of Big Data Lab co-founded by China Telecom and the Data Center of the Ministry of Culture and tourism, Tian Feng, Deputy Director of Xinwu District of Wuxi city, Gao Kuanchang, Supervisor of Strategy Department of Cloud Computing Center of CAS, Huang Zhizhou, General Manager of Beijing Gongxing Technology, and Wang Zhaoying, Producer of the program Enjoying the Travel of CCTV and Hainan TV. The guests discussed on 5G technology, web of things, smart and wise technology, 5G policies, 5G business model, joint program of Huawei and CCTV.

    German representative Nicolas Dettmer of Lvxiang and French Representative Thomas Rendall from Kaytrip also shared their opinions on 5G digital technology’s influences on travel agency, tourist guide and tourists.

    The second panel themed on “digital technology promotes integration of culture and tourism” and Director of Industry Institute of CTA hosted the panel. Mo Mingjian from Guangxi Tourism Institute and Director of Guangxi Tourism Data Center, Xu Zhiyuan, General Manager of Government Business & Tourism Center of China Unicom Data, Wang Muhua, General Secretary of Culture and Tourism Retail Innovation (CTRI), Zhang Wei, General Manger of Internet Department of Davost Intelligence and Li Xin of Shanghai Creatoo discussed issues such as 5G technology promoting integration of culture and tourism, 5G technology’s influence on culture and tourism industry and 5G application on culture and tourism. 

    The third panel was on “global traveling life and its service system establishment”. The panel was hosted by Li Zhongguang, Deputy President of CTA. Angelo Morano, Director of “Welcome China” program, Wang Zongyuan, General Manager of Huaxi Travel, Chen Zuwang, General Manager of Suzhou Zhuyuan Information Technology, and Yu Qian, Yao Qun, Bai Senlin, Su Dongxing, Allan from Lvxiang discussed on global traveling lfe and its service system establishment.

    Finally, the forum also made a series of release on 5G digital culture and tourism experts, 5G digital culture and tourism references and cases, culture and tourism product innovation alliance, lvxiang, as well as other achievement. 




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