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The 2019 China-Japan Cultural Tourism (Dalian) Exchange Conference was Held in Dalian

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On May 26, 2019, the "2019 China-Japan Cultural Tourism (Dalian) Exchange Conference" was held in Dalian, sponsored by Dalian Culture and Tourism Bureau, People's China and CTA. Mayor of Dalian Tan Chengxu, Vice Mayor Zhang Zhihong, Vice Director of China's Foreign Language Publishing Bureau Gao Anming, Foreign Minister of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan Yoshikazu Kashiwagi, Minister of Tourism Region Revitalization of Japan Tourism Agency Heiyan Sung-chul, Governor of Yamanashi-ken Kotaro Saki, President of Japan Agency for Northeast Tourism Promotion Kojima Kataya addressed the opening ceremony. 

Dai Bin, President of CTA and Director of the Data Center of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, delivered a speech titled "City Responsibility of Asian Tourism Promotion Plan". On behalf of the research group, Dr. Chen Nan from the Institute of Statistical Investigation of CTA released the big data report on China-Japan tourism in 2019.

Leaders from China Unicom Big Data Co., Ltd., Travel Sky Co., Ltd., Meituan Review, China Academy of Railway Sciences and other enterprises and institutes delivered relevant reports on tourism.

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