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Dai Bin Attended the 12th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Korean Culture Center, China

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    On the afternoon of May 30, Dai Bin, President of CTA, was invited to attend the 12th anniversary of the establishment of the Korea Culture Center, China. The Korea Culture Center, formerly known as the Cultural Information Department of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in China, aims to deepen the understanding by the Chinese people about Korea through culture, promote exchanges and cooperation between the two countries and enhance the friendship between the two peoples.

    Zhang Xiacheng, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to China, delivered a welcome speech, expressing his appreciation for the support to the Korea Culture Center. Mr.Piao Liangyu, Minister of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Republic of Korea, delivered a congratulatory speech, hoping that the Korea Culture Center, as a bridge for cultural exchanges between China and Korea, will develop better and better. The event also included an exhibition of Korean culture, performances of traditional Korean music and bands, and a memorial ceremony.

    At the exchange meeting after the celebration, Minister Piao Liangyu, Ambassador Zhang Xiacheng and President Dai Bin discussed the tourism situation between China and Korea in the past year, expressing their wish to further promote cultural and tourism exchanges between the two countries.

    Post-doctor Zhao Yijing from CTA attended the event.

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