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President Dai Bin Led a Research in North Haidian Cultural Center

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    On the morning of May 30, President Dai Bin led a team to the North Haidian Cultural Center for research and discussion. Deputy director of Haidian District Party Committee Publicity Department and Director of Haidian District Culture and Tourism Bureau Chen Jing, Deputy Director Hou Yong, Director of Haidian District Library Yao Guangli, Director of Haidian District Cultural Center (north section) Yue Changtao, and Principals from Cultural Relics Department, Activity Publicity Department, Industrial Development Department and other departments of Haidian District Culture and Tourism Bureau participated. 

    Accompanied by Director Chen Jing, Deputy Director Shi Ying and Director Yue Changtao, President Dai Bin and the team researched the children's borrowing area, comprehensive borrowing area, social science literature reading area, electronicreading area and barrier-free reading area of Haidian District Cultural Center (north section), experienced self-help machine, book retrieval, book sterilizer and other intelligent equipment, visited the theater, exhibition hall and functional classrooms, and watched calligraphy and painting exhibition and art team rehearsal.

    In the Seminar, Director Chen Jing expressed a warm welcome to President Dai Bin and the team, introduced the cultural tourism development of Haidian District and the operation mode of the North Haidian Cultural Center, shared the experience of developing cultural undertakings for the benefit of all people, pointed out that since the socialized operation, the North Haidian Cultural Center adheres to "the best culture belongs to the people", improves the service efficiency, cultivates qualified cultural enterprises, and forms a good situation that the management mode of the North Haidian Cultural Center is "incubator" and the management socialization of grassroots public cultural facilities is flourishing. Haidian District has rich resources for the integrated development of culture, science and tourism, and she looked forward to further in-depth cooperation between the two sides.

    President Dai Bin expressed his gratitude for the warm reception and highly appreciated the cultural and tourism development of Haidian District under the leadership of Director Chen Jing, especially the strong cultural atmosphere and service efficiency of the North Haidian Cultural Center. He pointed out that through the research, the team witnessed people experiencing calligraphy, performance, painting and other activities in the cultural center, saw the happiness of residents, and truly felt the cultural innovation suitable for the development of China's national conditions, as well as the potential of the integrated development of culture and tourism.It is an urgent issue to improve the sense of mass participation and acquisition of culture and tourism. Private enterprises are the reliable force of cultural undertakings and industry. The operation mode and institutional support of "cultural outsourcing, management and procedure division" in Haidian District can be further explored, copied and promoted. Tourism is not only prosperous memory, but the warmth at your fingertips, and people's happy life is the best tourism publicity. The North Cultural Center can become a space for domestic and foreign tourists to experience the lifestyle of Haidian. He also responded positively to the cooperation intention of Haidian District Culture and Tourism Bureau, and said the two sides would sign a long-term strategic cooperation agreement, taking Haidian District as a pilot of quality cultural tourism area and a sample of culture-tourism integration, starting with specific projects such as humanistic improvement plan and quality tourism project, and thus carrying out comprehensive cooperation in terms of work, system, regular research, and joint study and performance.

    Dr. He Qiongfeng, Principal of the Institute of Data Analysis (Laboratory), Assistant Researcher Zhang Jiayi, Dr. Jiang Yanxia and Post-doctor Xie Zhongwen from the Institute of Policy and Science, etc. participated in the research and discussion.

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