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President Dai Bin Led a Research in Huayi Qiming Orient

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    On May 31, President Dai Bin led a team to Huayi Qiming Orient for research and discussion. President Ma Ke, Operation President Jiang Jiehong, Industrial and Comprehensive Operation General Manager Zuo Xu, New Commercial Production Center General Manager E Lihua, Performance Center General Manager Zhang Pengling, Vice President Liu Xinyi, Executive President Liu Xiao, No.3Business Center member Li Baoping participated in the seminar.

    Mr. Ma Ke extended a warm welcome to President Dai Bin and his delegation, showed them around the company, introduced the company’s history and current business, and looked forward to further cooperation between the two sides.

    President Dai Bin expressed high recognition of the company’s work and business in cultural and tourism performance, and expressed his willingness to cooperate with the company.

    Dr. Jiang Yanxia from the Institute of Policy and Science, Dr. Zhang Yang, Post-doctor Zhao Yijing and Li Longhui from the Institute of Tourism Industry and Enterprise Development, etc. participated in the research.

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