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President Dai Bin Led the Team to Investigate ERLINYOU CORP. LIMITED

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On the morning of Nov. 20th, President Dai Bin led the team to investigate ERLINYOU CORP. LIMITED. The team focused on the R&D Center of data acquisition and platform building for 3D search, navigation, travel and social map. 

On the symposium, Chairman of the Board and founder of ERLINYOU CORP. LIMITED Zhang Jianglin introduced that the company has over hundred million level POI, works on the development of topology GIS platform, maps, navigation, transportation, chat, and map-based social network on the basis of military-level satellite precision and global geographic data resources and rules, and it is currently the only navigation engine company with map data of 200+ countries and regions in China. It can provide 3D/2D online and offline multilingual electronic navigation maps and high-precision map navigation on global scale, and can strongly support data construction of inbound and outbound tourism, Chinese culture spread and belt and road service regarding technology and data.

President Dai Bin expressed that CTA would like to sign formal MOU with ERLINYOU, to jointly explore such fields as construction of tourism facilities including high-precision map, underlying application and technology transference, promote close cooperation with tourism market, and technologically serve national strategies such as overseas promotion and inbound market revitalization. He hoped ERLINYOU become a professional supplier of tourism map, and the parties jointly establish special laboratory for map navigation and release research reports, to provide technology and data service for government decision and industry development.

CTO Eric, Marketing VP Wang Yongliang, and Marketing & PR Director Qi Lina, etc. of ERLINYOU, and principal of laboratory He Qiongfeng, Zhang Jiayi and Postdoctor Li Longhui from CTA attended the investigation.


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