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“China Tourism Innovation and IP Development Report 2018” was Released in Shanghai

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On the 3rd China’s Tourism IP Summit held on Nov. 30th, 2018, the joint big data laboratory of scenic spots and tourism IP established by CTA (Data Center of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of P.R.C.) and Lvmama.com released “China Tourism Innovation and IP Development Report 2018”. Zhang Jiayi, from Tourism Economics Laboratory of CTA presented the key ideas of the report and the main results.  

China’s tourism begins new development stage

China's tourism industry has begun high-quality development stage, the social and technological conditions for innovative development of tourism are becoming increasingly mature, and the tourism industry has entered a new stage of innovative development. From the perspective of impetus, happy life is becoming the driving force of tourism innovation and development. People's yearning for a better life leads the development of tourism from focusing on speed and scale to focusing on quality, which provides opportunities for tourism innovation. From the perspective of innovation method, new technology, capital, entrepreneurial ability, market demand and system constitute the "new diamond model" that drives tourism innovation, and the five forces jointly drive the innovative development of tourism industry. From the perspective of innovation, tourism has realized innovation in business model, product and format, content, business interface and management process.

Idea sharing, information technology and culture-tourism integration direct tourism innovation

Tourism enterprises have rich innovation experiences, with the innovation capability of “Internet +” tourism enterprises continuously strengthening, represented by Ctrip.com, LY.com and Joyu Group, etc. However, there is still some distance between the overall R&D strength of those enterprises and well-known international on-line tourism enterprises. Driven by technology, capital, entrepreneurship and other factors, tourism innovation is mainly represented in the four aspects: 1. Idea sharing leads business model innovation and fast development of tourist guide community, accommodation sharing, and transportation sharing; 2. Information technology directs new product and industry innovation. The big data restructures industry pattern, digital technology creates immersive experience, and virtual technology impacts visitors' senses; 3. The integration of culture, tourism and related industries with technology promotes update and evolution of tourism products; 4. The comprehensive technology of Internet of things and Internet facilitates reestablishment of tourism service interface and management process.

Tourism IP creates happy life

Tourism IP is an exclusive IP, which is based on the speciality of tourism resources and areas. It is a proprietary IP created by integrated development with tourism factors and focusing on tourists.  

The creation methods of tourism IP are diversified, including technology driving, “culture +”leading, capital promotion and entrepreneurship. Driven by new technologies, flying over the horizon, extreme light wheel, buzz lightyear, Star Wars base and other projects in Shanghai Disney Resort enhance the visitors’ experience; works led by “culture +” ensure high-quality IP contents and direct creation; promoted by capital, tourism enterprises quickly realize IP internalization through M&A; tourism enterprises represented by Joyu Group occupy the leading place of IP development, and entrepreneurship drives IP innovation. Regarding IP innovation of tourism method, Lvmama.com provides innovative tourism experience of “payment after travel” for the users meeting the requirements, which is based on the mutual trust and supervision and cooperative development of members of “community of shared future for tourism”, and may have the opportunity to reversely force the optimization of supply chain and tour guide service.   

Tourism IP innovation has a significant effect. IP can facilitate the transformation of tourism to asset-light industry, promote extension of differentiation and industrial chain, and realize the optimization of business model. The goal of tourism service quality improvement is achieved by enhancing tourist experience, competitiveness of scenic spots and cross-industry development. In the future, the demand for tourism IP innovation will continue to be strong, the operation and management will continue to be standardized, and the cross-border integration innovation will continue to make efforts to develop towards a rational and quality direction.

Ranking of main tourism IPs

Based on the released data such as sales data of IP tourism from Lvmama.com, the joint laboratory of CTA and Lvmama.com built a evaluation model, combining the order volume and favorable rate of Lvmama.com. The data collection started from the beginning of Nov. 2017 and lasted for a whole year, through which the top 10 (sorted by sound order) IPs regarding beautiful scenery, comfortable accommodation, pleasant travel, happy shopping and theme park are elected.

Top 10 beautiful scenery IPs: Dujiangyan & Qingcheng Mountain, Emei Mountain, Huangshan Scenic Spot, Lingshan Scenic Spot & Nianhua Bay, Luofu Mountain Scenic Spot, Mutianyu Great Wall, Hengshan Scenic Spot, Shaolin temple, Tianmu Lake, and Yishui Lake

Top 10 comfortable accommodation IPs: Anji Tent Resort, Galaxy Macau, Genting Grand, Gubei Zhiguang Hot Spring Holiday Hotel, Heilong Beach Changdao Paradise Intercontinental Hotel (Meishan), Huangshan Fuhualilang Resort, Shanghai Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts, Sanya Atlantide, Shenzhen Dameisha Jingji Sheraton Hotel, and Wuxi Nianhua Bay Nianhua Inn

Top 10 pleasant travel IPs: Detian International Waterfall Scenic Spot, Huashan Xifeng Cableway, Huangpu River Tour, Huangshan Xihai Grand Canyon Cableway, Jianwei Jiayang Small Train, Mutianyu Great Wall Cable Car, Qinghai Lake, Sanya Wuzhizhou Island Tourist Area, West Lake Tour, and Yanqi Lake

Top 10 happy shopping IPs: Chongqing (Yongchuan) International Tea Culture Tourism Festival, the Imperial Palace, Huashan "China +" Cultural and Creative Park, Shanghai Disneyland, Shanghai Village, the Silk Road International Tourism Festival, Tianjin Florence Town, Xitang International Cultural Tourism Festival, Xiamen Daden Island, and Xiamen Kulangsu

Top 10 theme park IPs: Changlong Holiday Resort, Disneyland, Haichang Ocean Park, Hengdian World Studios, Huaqiang Fangte Group, Happy Valley, Romon Global Park, the Romance of the Song Dynasty, Wanda Park, and China Dinosaur Park

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