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CTA Delegation to Europe Attended the 2019 "the Belt and Road" Eastern Europe Travel Retail Summit

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On Jan. 7th (local time), the 2019 "the Belt and Road" Eastern Europe Travel Retail Summit was held in Budapest, Hungary. Hosted by TRAVEL EASY, it is the largest tourism event ever in Eastern Europe. President Dai Bin led a delegation to attend the summit and delivered a speech titled "the Value and Thought of China's Outbound Tourism". Over 200 guests from Chinese Embassy in Hungary, Europe Representative Office of CIPA of Ministry of Commerce, China’s tourism office in Budapest, Hungary National Tourism Bureau, Caissa Tourism Group and other Chinese enterprises, Europe Tourism Association, Europe Tour Guide Association, and Chinese and European news media institutions attended the summit.

In his speech, President Dai Bin stated that for China's outbound tourism market in 2019 and future period, double-digit growth can be expected, and the restructuring of business mode and industrial pattern may be realized. Outbound tourism in China has entered the daily life of the public from the enjoyment of a few people, not only through beautiful scenery, but also with beautiful life and fashion sense, which is leading the future of tourism, with customized tourism entering the mature stage, and personalized demands further highlighted. Along with the improvement of consumption capacity and optimization of consumption structure, tourists pay more attention to cultural exchanges, life experience and comfort evaluation in destinations. In the future, the domestic and overseas tourism is expected to make greater contributions in national tourism promotion, line design, product development and sales, quality assurance and other aspects.

During the summit, CTA signed a memorandum of understanding with TRAVEL EASY Group, aiming to facilitate Chinese tourists' shopping tax refund in Europe, create a more comfortable business environment for Chinese outbound tourists, strengthen personnel exchanges between China and Europe, and ensure the interests of Chinese tourists. 

Dr. Han Yuanjun from the Institute of Tourism Policy and Strategy Studies and Dr. Zhan Dongmei from the Institute of Tourism Industry and Enterprise Development participated in the related activities.

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