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President Dai Bin Led a Team to Investigate Norway’s Ice-Snow Tourism

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In order to learn from the experience of international winter tourism and promote the sustainable development of China's ice-snow tourism, approved by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, a CTA delegation visited Oslo Tourism Bureau, Norway National Tourism Administration and Lillehammer Tourism Bureau, as well as Hafjell Ski Resort from Jan. 11th to 13th, 2019 (local time).

Stein Ove Rolland, Marketing Director of Norway National Tourism Administration, Gj?ran S?ther, Chairman of the Board of Oslo Tourism Bureau, Jean-Francois Gehin, Asia Marketing Director of Lillehammer Tourism Bureau, and Martin Essunger, General Manager of Hafjell Ski Resort, respectively introduced to the delegation the winter leisure activities, infrastructure construction, catering, accommodation and shopping of local ice-snow tourism , as well as personnel training and financials of the ski resorts, expressing their desire for professional communication and market cooperation with their Chinese counterparts. Investors and operators of the ski resorts and winter leisure programs and residents of Lillehammer said “we know that China is going to host the winter Olympics, and President Xi Jinping has called for ‘300 million people on snow and ice', so we hope more Chinese come here”.

President Dai Bin Shared the main viewpoints and relevant data of “China Ice-Snow Tourism Development Report (2018)” with Norway, hoping to carry out project research, data exchange, personnel exchanges and project promotion based on the idea that "hosts and guests share a beautiful life", "above the landscape is life" and "developing ice-snow tourism for the mass market".       

During the stay in Norway, the delegation also visited Nationalgalleriet and Fram Museum, studied the international experience of integrated development of culture and tourism, and explored the practical path of the integration of China's cultural and art venues and tourism.

Dr. Han Yuanjun, Head of the ice-snow tourism project of the Institute of Tourism Policy and Strategy Studies, Dr. Zhan Dongmei, Head of the scenic spot project of the Institute of Tourism Industry and Enterprise Development, and Mr. Angelo, Head of the partner of "Welcome Chinese" project, participated in the the meetings and research activities.


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