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President Dai Bin is Awarded Special Allowance of the State Council

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Recently, we learned from the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security that the list of people who will enjoy the special allowance of the State Council of 2018 has been approved, and President Dai Bin is on the list. 

Attachment: selection conditions for the special government allowance of 2018

People who will receive the special allowance should have Chinese nationality, love the motherland, observe discipline and law, possess good professional ethics and dedication, perform their duties in an exemplary manner, and work hard for the socialist modernization cause.

I. Professional and technical talents. Work in professional and technical positions, with outstanding professional and technical performance, achievements and contributions in the past five years, which are recognized by the regional and peer experts; possess senior professional title and meet one of the following requirements:

1. Have advanced academic attainments in natural science research, and make outstanding contributions to discipline construction, talent training and career development, as a leader in the discipline; or the research results possess groundbreaking and significant scientific value, recognized by domestic and foreign peer experts, reaching domestic leading level.

2. Perform major inventions and reforms in technological research and development, or solve key technical problems; or work in the front line of industrial and agricultural production and science promotion for a long time, with major breakthroughs, and promote technological progress of the industry and development of the national economy; or achieve outstanding performance in the transformation of technological achievements into productive forces and the promotion of new technologies, new processes and new methods, resulting in significant economic and social benefits.

3. Work in the front line of medical and health field for a long time, with excellent medical skills and outstanding achievements in the treatment of difficult and critical diseases; or effectively prevent, control and eliminate disease in a large range for multiple times, with great social influence, and recognized by peers.

4. In key fields and industries of economic and social development, make special contributions to provide basic, proactive and strategic scientific theory basis for solving major problems of national economic and social development.

5. Obtain outstanding achievements in the study of philosophy and social sciences, and make distinguished contributions to social development and discipline construction, as a leader in the discipline.

6. Have admirable achievements in the field of publicity and culture, and make great contributions to economic and social development, construction of spiritual civilization, discipline construction, reform and innovation in the field of publicity and culture, and great development and prosperity of culture, as a leader in the field.

7. Work for a long time in the front line of education, teaching and coaching training, play an important role in discipline construction, talent cultivation and education reform, with internationally leading education idea, solid theoretical foundation and rich experience; have nationally leading capability and level in the education and coaching training field, and play a leading and exemplary role, recognized by peers.

8. Make prominent contributions to economic and social development and people's livelihood in other industries and fields. 

II. Highly skilled talents. Work in the front line of production service, with excellent skills and outstanding contributions; generally should be senior technicians (national professional qualification level 1) or have the corresponding senior professional skills, and meet one of the following requirements:

1. Win honorary titles such as China Skill Award, National Technical Expert, National Model Worker, National May Day Labor Medal, etc., with excellent performance and extensive influence.

2. Make great contributions to technological innovation and transformation, and win provincial and ministerial science progress awards, national patents, etc.

3. Have leading technical skills or significant technological innovation in the industry, and summarize advanced operation technology and methods in a certain production field, recognized by peers.

4. Make outstanding contributions in promoting the transformation, popularization and application of scientific and technological achievements or in the promotion of new technologies, new processes and new methods, with significant economic and social benefits.

5. Have unique skills in the profession (type of work), with great influence on similar occupations (types of work) at home and abroad.

6. Have rich practical experience, and be able to solve key technical problems in the production process.

7. Win international skills competitions, technical contests and other awards, and win honors for the country.

8. Obtain distinguished achievements in training skilled personnel and imparting skills, with great influence in China and the industry. 

The selection should correspond to national major strategies and major projects, with focus on industries such as "made in China 2025", "artificial intelligence" and "big data". Candidates recommended by all provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government) should include representatives from non-public units and grassroots representatives below county level, whose proportion should be appropriately increased. 



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