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Wang Xiaofeng Visited CTA for Investigation and Research

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On the morning of Jan. 16th, Wang Xiaofeng, a member of the leading Party group of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, visited CTA for special research. Accompanied by the leading group of CTA, the team visited the national tourism literature and information center and investigated the tourism economic data collection and monitoring platform, and also visited the administrative and research departments of CTA, extending Spring Festival greetings to the staff.         

During the investigation, Wang Xiaofeng attended the 2018 leadership assessment and report meeting of CTA, and listened to the report delivered by President Dai Bin. Wang Xiaofeng highly appreciated the work achievements and party building and rectification work, stating that the overall team building has achieved remarkable results, with many young members who are full of vigor. According to him, CTA has supported the leading Party group of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism by many research results in the integrated development of culture and tourism, released series of research results, and serves local governments and enterprises through consultation, research, planning and training, creating high social and industry value. He hopes CTA continue to enhance party building and inspection and rectification work, carry out various researches and data construction based on higher requirements, and constantly strengthen the construction of tourism talent team.

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