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2019 Annual Meeting of Tourism Research Organizations Was Held in Kunming

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Dec.20th, 2019 Annual Meeting of Tourism Research Organizations was held in Kunming. The meeting, with the topic of “Culture and Tourism Integration: Theoretical Research and Data Construction”,  was hosted by China Tourism Academy, Yunnan Culture & Tourism Department and Yunnan Normal University, and organized by Yunnan Branch of the CTA, School of Tourism & Geographic Science of Yunnan Normal University. President Dai Bin, Deputy President Tang Xiaoyun of the CTA attended the meeting. About 150 representatives from two branches, 14 research bases and 7 observer units, Yunan tourism think tank members, and staff and students from Yunnan Normal University.

The opening ceremony was hosted by Meng Rui, Deputy Principal of Yunnan Branch of the CTA, Dai Bin, president of the CTA, He Liyun, Party Secretary and Director of Yunnan Culture & Tourism Department, Rao Wei, Party Secretary of Yunnan Normal University attended the ceremony and addressed.

Dai Bin stated in his address that the emphasis of tourism research in China will change to be more practical for the following days, escially in industry, administration, study and research. In the past decades, the CTA sticks to the integration of theory and practice, and the theories are tested by the practice. This is not the acknowledgement to the CTA, but also the expectation to the tourism community. President Dai also proposed some suggestions to culture and tourism research, and hoped that the tourism think tank could put more attention to practice and serve the practice. When doing research, the researchers should answer the questions of where the topics come from, for what reason, for whom, and how to do it. The research work and method should in accordance with the need so that the research achievement can be fully used in culture and tourism development. He also noted that data should play more important role in application. Supported by the big data, the confidence and power can be established by tourism field.

In the meeting, the CTA Excellent Plan Fund was awarded to the Kunming Branch of the CAT. Tai Wan Tourism Research Base, the winner of last year, reported the execution of the fund.

The first discussion topic is “Integration of Culture and Tourism: International Perspective and Domestic Action”. Hosted by Prof. Cheng Suiying, top expert of Culture & Tourism Research Base, Prof Li Tianyuan from Research Base on Tourism Market and Destination Marketing, Prof Bao Jigang from Research Base on Tourism Influence, Prof Zheng Xiangmin from Research Base on Tourism Security, Prof Huang Fucai from Taiwan Tourism Research Base, Prof Dou Zhiping from Kunming Branch, Post Doc Wanghaihong from International Institute of CTA attended the discussion and shared opinions on the influence of the integration of culture and tourism on tourism discipline development, tourism academy research and international experience. 

The Second topic is “Big data reconstruct culture resources and tourism market”. Hosted by Prof Yang Yi from Boundary Tourism Research Base, Prof Gao Jun from Urban Tourism Research Base, Prof Shi Da from Tourism Basic Theory Research Base, Prof Yan Yan of Western China Tourism Research Base, Prof Gong Jian of Wuhan Branch, Prof Wang Jiaxue of Yunnan Normal University and Zhang Jiayi of the CTA Lab shared their opinions on the influence of big data on tourism basic theories, tourism flow, tourism destination review system and tourism resources survey.

Representatives of departments and institutes of CTA attended the meeting.

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