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Work Meeting with Branches and Research Bases was Held in Kunming

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Dec. 20, 2018, Annual Meeting of the CTA Organizations was held in Kunming, and the work meeting with branches and research bases was also held. President Dai Bin, Deputy Director Tang Xiaoyun, Directors of branches and research bases, as well as observers’ representatives attended the meeting.

Hosted by Deputy Director Tang Xiaoyun, participants from 15 units reported their achievement in 2018 and plan in 2019 on theoretical construction, think tank construction, social service, academic achievement, propaganda and promotion.

President Dai Bin acknowledged branches and bases’ innovation in structure and highlights in work after the report. He also put forward some requirements. He said that the tourism research work at the new era should in accordance with the reality; down-to-earth research results are more feasible. He said that mutual promotion between research work and teaching should be pursued during the work of research bases and branches, the function of think tank should be fully motivated and more practice should be done in service industry. Knowledge sharing and promotion should rely on academic community.

Dai Bin said that innovative and down-to-earth mindset is essential for dealing with international and domestic tourism development and changes. Key problems in academic development should be given priority, especially the integration of theories and practices. New media platform which is both academic and effective in communication with the public should be established, so that the industry and academy can be organically combined. Research methods and work should meet the need of practice objects, therefore the tourism think than can truly serve the problem solving.

List of 16 CTA Branches and Research Bases

Kunming Branch (Yunnan Tourism Planning Research Institute), Tourism Market & Destination Marketing Research Base (Nankai University), Tourism Influence Research Base (Sun Yat-sen University), Tourism Basic Theory Research Base (Dongbei University of Finance and Economics), Hospitality Industry Research Base (Beijing International Studies University), Tourism Safety Research Base (Huaqiao University), Wuhan Branch (Central China Normal University), Urban Tourism Research Base (Tourism School of Shanghai Normal University), West China Tourism Development Research Base (Shaanxi Normal University), Taiwan Tourism Research Base (Xiamen University), Tourism Profession Education Research Base (Shandong Tourism School), Tourism Standard Research Base (Zhejiang Tourism Profession School), Boundary Tourism Research Base (Yunnan University), Tourism Academic Assessment Research Base (Tourism School of Beijing Union University), ASEAN Tourism Research Base (Guilin Tourism University), Culture & Tourism Research Base (Henan University).

List of 7 Observer Units

Zhejiang University, Guilin University of Technology, Chongqing Normal University, Xi’an International Studies University, Hubei University, Xiangtan University, Luoyang Normal University.


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