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China Ice & Snow Tourism Development Report 2018 Was Released

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Dec. 23, 2018, the opening ceremony of the 3rd Snow and Ice Industry Expo (Jilin) & the 22nd Ice and Snow Tourism Festival (Changchun) was held in Changchun, Jilin province. The festival was hosted by China Ice and Snow Tourism Promotion Alliance and organized by Jilin Culture & Tourism Department, People’s Government of Changchun, and the CTA. Bayanqolu, Secretary of CPC Provincial Committee of Jilin, Jing Junhai, Deputy Secretary and the Governor of Jilin, Jiang Zelin, the Chairman of Jilin CPPCC, Wang Junzheng, Standing member of the CPC of Jilin and Secretary of CPC Municipal Committee of Changchun, Wang Xiaofeng, Member of the Party Committee of the Ministry of Culture & Tourism, Yoha Wilma, Chairman of International Winter Sports Association and Worldloppet Ski Federation attended the ceremony and addressed. Dai Bin, President of the CTA attended the ceremony and made a speech with the topic of “Marketing cultivation is the priority in developing ice and snow tourism” on “Ice and Snow Culture Forum”. More than 500 foreign and domestic guests, including Ambassadors from more than 20 countries and regions, representatives from ice and snow cities, famous tourism agencies, ice and snow enterprises as well as media, attended the ceremony.  

In his speech, Wang Xiaofeng said that, with the approach of the Beijing Winter Olympics, China's ice and snow tourism is welcoming a rare golden period of development. General Secretary Xi Jinping said that ice and snow are also gold and silver mines. He instructed to play the advantages of snow and to achieve fruitful results. His instruction deepens our acknowledgement toward ice and snow, inputs new connotation and basic rules in accelerating the industry with naturally endowed resources. With new concept, China is experiencing a rapid development of ice and snow industry. Wang Xiaofeng hoped Jilin will firmly grasp the major opportunities for the Beijing Winter Olympics and the new round of revitalization of old industrial bases in the Northeast, deeply dig ice and snow resources, strive to improve the ice and snow industry system, continue to develop the ice and snow tourism brand.

President Dai Bin of CTA stated in his speech that ice and snow tourism has become a national strategy, and the once cold resource has become heated economy. Ice and snow tourism has become a new choice of fashion life in ordinary families. In the time of mass tourism, people, who used to avoid cold, start to choose ice and snow activities as a symbol of fashion. The investment of ice and snow tourism is at its golden time and a trillion-worth market is now gathering. In the future, while enlarging the supply side, to lower the threshold of participating ice and snow activities should be given priority. Governments of all levels should play an active role in marketing cultivation, industry planning and public services system construction, and let the market play the decisive role in resource allocation; especially let thousands of market objects decide tourism investment, products R &D, and innovation.

In the ceremony, Prof. Han Yuanjun of the CTA released China Ice and Snow Tourism Development Report 2018. The report stated that the statement of General Secretary Xi Jinping on ice and snow industry development is the guiding principle and scientific instruction in developing ice and snow tourism in the new era. Ice and snow tourism has become the tourism representative of 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. The number of ice and snow tourists in winter has reached 197 million, with the income of RMB330 billion from 2017 to 2018, with an increase of 16% and 22% respectively, compared to that of 2016 to 2017. Ice and snow tourism has become the core industry in both winter tourism and ice & snow tourism. The integration of culture and tourism provides new engine to its development and the products also flourished. The future ice and snow tourism should focus on high quality products development.

Based on the comprehensive calculation results of China Ice and Snow Tourism Development Report, Twin Top 10 Ice and Snow Tourism of 2018 (Top 10 Ice and Snow Tourism Cities and Potential Investment Areas) and 2018 Top 20 Ice and Snow Tourism (Top 10 Skating Tourism Areas of 2017-2018, Top 10 Ice and Snow Tourism Festivals of 2017 to2018) were also released.

Top 10 Ice and Snow Tourism Cities are: Harbin, Changchun, Shenyang, Jilin, Zhangjiakou, Urumuqi, Altay Prefecture, Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture, Hulunbeier and Datong.

2018 Potential Investment Areas are: Changbai Mountain Protection Development District, Yanqing, Chongli, Mohe, Yakeshi, Arshaan.

Top 10 Ice and Snow Tourism Areas are: Changbaishan International Resort, Vanke Songhua Lake Resort, Wanhong Ski Field, Yabuli Ski Resort, Beidahu Ski Resort, Miyuanyunding Resort, Yabuli Sunny Resort, Silk Road International Resort in Xinjiang, Taiwu Ski Town, Miyun Nanshan Ski Field.

Top 10 Ice and Snow Tourism Festivals of 2017 to2018 are: China Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival, China Changchun Ice and Snow Tourism Festival & JIngyuetan Vasa International Skating Festival, China Jilin International Rime Ice-Snow Festival, China West Ice and Snow Tourism Festival & Xinjiang Winter Tourism International Trade Expo, China (Hulun Buir) Ice and Snow Nadam Fair, China·Chagan Lake Ice and Snow Fishing Culture & TourismFestival, China·Chongli International Skating Festival, China·Manzhouli China-Russia-Mongolia International Skating Festival, Yanqing Ice and Snow Fesitval, Hubei Shennongjia Ice and Snow Festival.

Prof. Wu Pu, Director of Strategy Institute of CTA, Post-doc. Xin Anna attended the ceremony and other activities.

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