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Dai Bin Led the Survey to DYTM

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Dec.26th, 2018, President Dai Bin led the survey to DYTM. The group visited the IP exhibition center, which displays DYTM’s achievement in drama, animation, theme parks, and also learned the creation, public promotion and the course of Luo Baby.In the meeting, Chairman Su Zhong of DYTM welcomed the visit of the CTA group and introduced the development strategy and the situation of each blocks of the company. DYTM is a cultural innovation company, with major businesses in drama production and property trade, TV program production and operation, original animation marketing, ads agency, online video media operation, media IT solution research and operation, cultural innovation projects guarantee, OSTA animation design and production capability assessment, etc.

Dai Bin acknowledged DYTM’s achievement in IP content production, commercial operation and marketing. He also greeted the success of its original brand Luo Baby, especially the international acknowledgement and the nomination of Emmy Award, and the craftsmanship spirit during its creation. Dai Bin said that the cultural companies should strengthen the consciousness of the responsibility to reinforce people’s cultural confidence, and to enlarge national cultural export, and should also sticks to the craftsmanship spirit. The CTA signed MON with DYTM in exploring culture and tourism integration, the innovative development of cultural companies in the market, and other practical problems.

DYTM Executive Officer Su Wei, Magic Mall Animation Company Manager Tian Jia attended the meeting, Prof. Wu Fenglin, Prof. Zhang Youyin, Prof. Guo Na, Post-doc. Zhai Huimin, Li Longhui of Regional Tourism Department of the CTA attended the survey. 

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