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Dai Bin Led the Visit to China UMS

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   Jan. 29, President Dai Bin and Deputy President Tang Xiaoyun visited China UMS (China UnionPay Merchant Service Co., Ltd) and held meeting with company senior officers.

   In the meeting, China UMS Deputy President and Finance Director Zhang Jingwen welcomed the visit of CTA guests and introduced the development situation of China UMS and each business fields. Having developed in financial payment field for 17 years, China UMS now has established 40 business branches around all provincial administrative districts of China, with more than 16000 working staff. The business of the company covers 337 cities at prefecture level and above and also stretches to Hong Kong, Macau and Japan. President Zhang hoped that a full-range and deep cooperation can be carried between two sides. 

   President Dai Bin affirmed the development of China UMS, especially its contribution in China finance. He also expressed gratitude to China UMS group for their support and coordination to CTA these years. He said that the Tourism Consumption Joint Lab should further strengthen the capability of micro study and judge on culture and tourism consumption trend, and consumption actions, reinforce the exploration on culture and tourism consumption statistic system construction, promote the quality of site payment innovation and service, and improve the efficiency of culture and tourism development. President Dai also noted that CTA is willing to share Data with China UMS and exploit tourism consumption potential. Deputy President Tang Xiaoyun hoped that the joint data construction and sharing with China UMS will set up a systemic data cooperation mechanism. Both side can also jointly exploit culture and tourism consumption demand and actions in the premise of serving consumption demand and facilitating tourists payment, expand data products and fields and challenge new areas.

   Deputy Director of Yang Honghao of Industry Institute, Prof. Zhang Yang, Assistant Research Dai Huihui of Statistic Center, Post-doc. Zhai Huimin and Li Longhui attended the visit.

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