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Dai Bin Met President Sheng Lei of Jiangsu Culture Investment Group in Shanghai

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   Jan. 29, President Dai Bin met President Sheng Lei of Jiangsu Culture Investment Management Group (hereinafter Jiangsu Culture Investment Group) in Shanghai.

   In the meeting, President Sheng Lei began the meeting with Who is Jiangsu Culture Investment Group, what does the company do and in what aspect does the company wish to cooperation with CTA. She made a detail introduction on the establishment and operation of Jiangsu Great Canal Culture & Tourism Development Fund, and the development plan of Jiangsu Grand Theater. President Sheng finally expressed the willingness of cooperation with CTA and hoped that both sides can carry out cooperation in Canal culture and tourism research, the investment field of Great Canal industrial culture and tourism development fund, the establishment of Great Canal culture & tourism investment alliance and host of Great Canal Culture and Tourism Expo. Strategy Investment Department Director Wang Guofeng and Party-Masses Department Director Liu Bo of Jiangsu Culture Investment Group introduced their responsible work and proposed suggestions in future cooperation.

   President Dai Bin positively responded the cooperation willingness of Jiangsu Culture Investment Group and introduced the research and achievement of CTA after the establishment of the Ministry of Culture & Tourism. He said that a better life is now linking to the development of culture construction and tourism development, the deep integration of culture and tourism should rely on big data to reconstruct culture resources and tourism market, and more important, rely on the market subjects’ integration innovation in industrial level. The culture construction and tourism development does not only refer to the resources of the past, but also the present value, such as the research on the Great Canal, and focus on how to deliver the qualified modern socialist culture and thoughts to ordinary citizen, so that the micro bases of culture and tourism consumption can be formed. President Dai Bin also praised the cooperation direction proposed by President Sheng Lei and hoped that both sides can also deepen cooperation in Canal Culture and Tourism Data Center construction, research report release, staff exchange and cultivation. 

   Deputy President Tang Xiaoyun of CTA, Deputy Director of Yang Honghao of Industry Institute, Prof. Zhang Yang, Assistant Research Dai Huihui of Statistic Center, Post-doc. Zhai Huimin and Li Longhui attended the survey and meeting.

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