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Dai Bin Led a Visit to Guohua Holiday (Beijing) Travel Agency

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   Feb. 15, President Dai Bin led a visit to Guohua Holiday (Beijing) Travel Agency Co., Ltd, and held survey and meeting with company leaders. General Manager Liang Yaofeng of Guohua Travel Agency welcomed the visit and introduced the development and current business of the company. Guohua Holiday has been focusing on tourism industry for years and explored inbound market of India, Turkey and east Europe with significant influence, high profession and outstanding profit. The company enjoys spectacular vision and rich experience in inbound market development and promotion and hoped that a whole and deep cooperation could be carried out with CTA.

   President Dai Bin congratulated the achievement of Guohua Holiday in recent years and affirmed their contribution in exploring inbound tourism market. He stated that CTA pays high attention to inbound tourism and hoped that both sides could exchange information and data in inbound tourism and deepen cooperation in tourism publicity and arouse people‚Äôs attention of inbound tourism.

   Chief Strategic Researcher, Prof. Song Ziqian, Director of International Tourism Institute, Prof. Yang Jingsong, Prof. Liu Xiangyan, Post-doc Wang Haihong attended the survey and meeting.

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