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The "Three Determinations" for CTA (Data Center) Were Officially Approved, with Two New Responsibilities Added

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   Recently, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the People’s Republic of China (MCT) officially approved the responsibilities, internal organization and staffing level of CTA (Data Center of MCT) (hereinafter referred to as the "Three Determinations").

   During an interview with the media, staff from CTA expressed that CTA (Data Center of MCT) is the only tourism research institution and data center headed with "China" approved by the central government. CAT was established in Beijing on Jun. 6, 2008 (stipulated by ZYBBFZ(2007) No.98); In Dec. 2015, approved by State Commission Office of Public Sectors Reform (SCOPSR), it was granted another name - "Data Center of National Tourism Administration"; In Jan. 2017, it was listed as a central-level scientific research institution by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China; In Sept. 2018, the former “Data Center of National Tourism Administration” was upgraded to “Data Center of MCT” following the document issued by MCT.

   As an independent legal entity, CTA (Data Center of MCT) is a junior public service unit directly under MCT, mainly responsible for tourism policy and theory study, culture and tourism integration development research, and culture and tourism statistics and data analysis, with President serving as the legal representative. The specific responsibilities of CTA include: (1) organize and carry out research on policy theory and key and difficult issues regarding tourism development, resource development, industry promotion, etc.; (2) participate in the research, formulation and demonstration of tourism development plans; (3) organize and carry out research on the integrated development of culture and tourism and its integration with related industries; (4) organize and conduct scientific research on cultural and tourism statistics, and undertake statistics as well as data generation, analysis and prediction for culture and tourism; (5) organize academic exchanges with foreign countries, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan in the field of tourism research; (6) undertake the training of high-level tourism professionals; (7) fulfill other tasks assigned by MCT.

   The staff in charge pointed out that in addition to the previous responsibilities, the new "Three Determinations" adds two new responsibilities, namely, research on the integrated development of culture and tourism, and cultural statistics and data analysis.

   After the new "Three Determinations", CTA (Data Center) will set up three administrative departments and seven institutes, namely, Administration and Human Resources Department, International Communication and Finance Department (Publicity and Promotion Department), Research Department, Institute of Strategic Studies, Institute of Policy and Science and Education, Institute of Industry Studies, Institute of Planning and Leisure Research, Institute of International Research(Institute of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan), Institute of Statistical Survey and Institute of Data Analysis.

   The leadership of CTA shall consist of a President (Dean) and two Vice Presidents, and can also include a Chief Planner and a Chief Statistician.

   According to the staff in charge, CTA will seriously implement the new "Three Determinations", continue adhering to the objective of "promoting Chinese culture and tourism integration development and the government idea bank, industry think tank, academic heights of international exchanges", and carry out theory research and data analysis, so as to facilitate the development of cultural undertakings, cultural industries and tourism.

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