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China Tourism Economy Blue Book No. 11 & Big Data Report on China Tourism Consumption 2018 Are Released

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   Jan. 29, Press Conference of China Tourism Economy Blue Book No.11 & Big Data Report on China Tourism Consumption 2018, which was jointly hosted by CTA and China UMS (China UnionPay Merchant Service Co., Ltd), was held in Shanghai. With the topic of “Tourism economy enters into the phase of integrative development and driver transformation”. President Dai Bin and Deputy President Tang Xiaoyun of CTA, Chairman Tian Lin of China UMS, Deputy President Zhang Jingwen, and representatives from famous companies in tourism industry, academicians and media attended the activity. General Manager of Business  Operation Department and Big Data Programs of China UMS Yu Zhen hosted the conference.

   China UMS Chairman Tian Lin, on behalf of the host, welcomed the distinguished guests for gathering in Shanghai and attending the conference. With the rapid development China culture and tourism market, culture and tourism industry has become the pillar industry of national strategy and the integration of culture and tourism has upgrade the consumption. In 2017, Tourism Consumption Big Data Lab was jointly established by China UMS and CTA, based on the strategic cooperation of the two sides. With the instruction of CTA and joint effort of researchers from both sides, the Lab sticks to the strategic direction of “concentrate the center and service the whole”, and pragmatically pushes forward the work by beginning with the consumption, fully considering the macro trend and basing on the big data of China UMS. High-quality data achievement are continuously acquired and released. He stated that in the exploration of industrial development of culture and tourism, a giant market potential can be deeply sensed. The whole industry should work together and take the advantage of the trend, so that a joint power can be formed to promote the industry development through professional research and shared resources.

   In the keynote speech made by President Dai Bin, he said that the supervision, early warning and judge should start from the demand-side market. Unless the masses have substantial leisure time and free disposable income, especially have the intention of increasing tourism consumption, there is much reason for us to take faith for the prosperous development of tourism economy. He stated that tourism economy development has entered into the new phase, in which the better life shared by hosts and guests are the new driver of tourism consumption, cultural creation and science & technology have become the new driver of tourism investment, lawful management and market have become the new driver of tourism management, and China dream has become the new driver of tourism exchange and cooperation. He also pointed out that comrade of tourism front of China must uphold the leadership of the Communist Party, and practice the tourism development concept centered on people, and aim at “Have fun in travel that are affordable and entertaining”.  When power of the all fields of the society , such as market subjects, industrial organizations, community residents, education, science & Research, and media, are all activated, the masterpiece of the integration of culture and tourism can be achieved and the new prosperity of tourism development can be realized. 

   Deputy President and CEO-on-Duty of Lvmama Huang Chunxiang made a speech on “cooperative financial innovation and up-trending transformation”. She analyzed the five trends in tourism development from the backgrounds of overall tourism development, integration of culture and tourism and macro economy, i.e., the blend of open-up and reform, cross-field investment of social capital, integration of multi-field directed by national policies, new industries in culture and tourism innovation empowered by science and technology, and ecological construction. She also discussed the transforming upgrade of traditional resorts, cross-field industry development, deep development of rural tourism, cooperative development across multi administrative districts, and innovative development of IP industry, public tourism system construction, customized tourism, talent cultivation and high-quality service construction.

   On behalf of Tourism Consumption Big Data Lab, Deputy General Manager of Business Management Department of China UMS and Big Data Program released Big Data Report on China Tourism Consumption 2018. The Report shows that four characteristics can be found in 2018 tourism consumption market: first, the national economy runs smoothly and the capability of tourism of residents has increased to the new height. Tourism has become the rigid demand. The domestic tourism index in 2018 has reached 17.8% and tourism consumption has become massive. Second, your tourists have become the main power in tourism consumption, urban leisure travel group is rapidly emerging, the tourism consumption has further increased. Since young tourists starts to dominate the tourism consumption market and the increase of leisure group, the core demand for tourists has changed from beautiful sightseeing to better life. “Tasty food and nice lodging” becomes daily requirement for travel. Third, the demand for holiday tourism consumption market boomed and culture and tourism products come into the life of consumers. 2018 witnessed a favorable opening of integration of culture and tourism. In National Holiday, the number of visitors to major museums in China has increased 28.1% compared to that of last year. Fourth, the travel willingness and tourism income have rapidly increased in middle and western China, the average development among districts are apparent. The report also analyzed the consumption of different groups according to gender and ages in detail, and ranked the consumption of different cities and destinations with different customer sources.

   On behalf of “China Tourism Economy Supervision and Early Warning” Program, Deputy President of CTA Tang Xiaoyun, released the Report on 2018 Tourism Economy Operation Analysis and 2019 Development Forecast. The report shows that the tourism economy remains increase in the rate that is higher than that of GDP and has achievement all work plan. Domestic Tourism market keeps increasing in high speed, the inbound market developed smoothly and the integration of culture and tourism achieved new progress, all-for-one tourism has become the common understanding and important work instruction of the society, the quality of tourism service has entered into the path of high-quality tourism, the trend of average development of all districts is further emerged, the role that tourism plays in foreign affairs and Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan affairs are more important. The report also fully analyzed the development characteristics of 2018 China tourism economy development and stated that 2018 witness a favorable opening of culture and tourism integration, a more active industrial innovation, a clear consumption classification, a rapid increase of tourism service quality, a more pragmatic tourism responsibility. Combining with the domestic and abroad development environment and tourism development trend, the report expected that 2019 tourism economy operation will be optimistic. And report also made a forecast on 2019 tourism development indexes and proposed suggestions on the integration of culture and tourism in 2019.

   The conference also made a panel discussion on the topic, which was held by the Deputy Director of Industry Institute of CTA Yang Honghao. In the discussion, General Manager of Shanghai Jing’an Indigo Hotel and Shanghai Jing’an InterContinental Hotel Ji Dongming said that the upgrade of hotels should base on the upgrade of daily life. More local citizens are willing to consume in hotels and boutique hotels should better realize the integration of culture and tourism and expressed confidence to the development of future boutique hotels. Deputy General Manager of Shanghai Wusongkou International Cruise Terminal Co., Ltd, Prof. Ye Xinliang said that Chinese tourists’ demand for cruise products are dramatically increasing. According to the general trend of world cruise industry development, the permeability rate of China cruise market is quite low. In 2018, the number is only 0.0023%, which was much lower than that of America, which was 4%. Great potential can be seen in the industry. General Manager of Shanghai Airline Trip Group Jin Lijun expressed confident to the work in 2019 and in the future. He said that although the general economic situation and that of tourism industry last year was not favorable, the core data of Shanghai Airline Trip, including performance and income, raw profit and profit, have all realized rapid increase rate. Deputy President Li Xinyu of Ctrip Group briefly introduced the tourism data on Ctrip platform and said that Ctrip has been devoted to service local government and companies with data. He also pointed out that the consumption of tourists has realized a clear upgrade. Private group trip and customized trip are experiencing a favorable increase. He stated that besides taking pictures, tourists are more willing to experience in travel, which will be a new normalcy. Party Member, Deputy President and Finance Director of China UMS talked about his understanding of tourism consumption upgrade from the perspective of Tourism+Payment. He said that payment makes the industry flow clearer and more transparent and the big data enables capital enter the industry more conveniently. With the development of remote payment and unconscious payment, the calculation of E-business and tourism platform is much facilitated. In the future, tourism resort can be entered with unconscious payment. He hopes that the innovation of payment will better promote the development of tourism industry.

   Finally, Assistant Research Dai Huihui of Tourism Statistics and Analysis Center of CTA shared opinion in outbound tourism market from the point of tourism statistics. She said that inbound tourism in China is go back to the increase channel, however the foundation is not solid. Outbound tourism market, since tourist source gradient low down, will enjoy a relatively rapid increase for a future time. The average consumption of outbound tourism will decrease, which are shown in the change of outbound consumption structure. People will pay more attention to the qualified and customized service, and are more willing to experience destinations’ characteristic consumptions, such as food and lodges.

   Prof. Zhang Yang, Post-doc Zhai Huimin, Li Longhui of Industry Institute of CTA attended the conference.

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