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CTA Party Branch Carried Out Branch Secretary Lecture Activities

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According to our "never forget the original intention, remember the mission" education plan, on the afternoon of Jul. 3, party branch of CTA carried out branch secretary lecture activities in Room 1016. Leader Liu Zhijiang and Comrade Wu Zhijie of the 5th instruction group of "never forget the original intention, remember the mission" , as well as all party members of CTA attended the meeting.


Party Branch Secretary Dai Bin took "never forget the original intention, remember the mission, build the people-centered tourism development theory" as the title, combined with the situation of CTA and personal work, study and investigation, delivered a serious party lesson to all the attendees. He pointed out that we should earnestly study Xi Jinping thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era, deeply understand the great significance of the thematic education of "never forget the original intention, remember the mission", and clearly recognize its continuity. He emphasized that only with a highly rational awareness; there will be no hesitation in practice. There is still a long way to go regarding how to build tourism into a "strategic pillar industry of national economy and modern service industry better serving the people" and enable common people to enjoy and afford tourism, how to improve the quality of tourism through theory construction and data construction, and how to complete the tasks of "concept design and construction drawing "and "promoting and leading tourism market innovation and development".

He asked all party members to resolutely implement the requirements of the thematic education of "never forget the original intention, remember the mission, find the gap, strengthen implementation"."Never forget the original intention" means to stick to the fundamental purpose of the Party, serve the people wholeheartedly, and take the people's better life as our goal; "remember the mission" means to seize the opportunities, face the challenges, actively undertake work, seriously carry out the investigation and study, raise recommendations, listen to the people's opinions, perfect data and statistical analysis, build the people-centered contemporary tourism development theories, follow Minister Luo's "a group of people stick to one thing for the whole life", enhance research, innovate mechanism, play industry leading role, and build the organization into a "reliable, recognized and international first-class" organization with mature tourism theories and important strategies;"find the gap" means to follow the party constitution and party rules to find our own ideological shortcomings, solve the long-standing problems that restrict the sustainable development of CTA and Data Center, such as "emphasizing work rather than party construction", "emphasizing ideals rather than discipline", "emphasizing personal achievements rather than the needs of the Party", "emphasizing professional training rather than comprehensive training", etc.; "strengthen implementation" means to implement the original intention and the mission by ourselves, leading cadres and daily work, stick to "two never allowing and three consciously recognizing"-that is, never allow the doctor, researcher or other identity above the party membership, never allow the "conflict between work and study" as an excuse to affect the development of thematic education activities, consciously recognize that both public institutions and research institutes are the party's institutions, consciously recognize that both researchers and administrators are party clerks; consciously recognize that both doctors and masters are party fighters. Always bear in mind that party members are our highest identity, learning and education are our fundamental responsibility.


He finally stressed that, the heads of the Party and government at the grass-roots level should take the lead in learning, perform self-education and set a good example. We should study the party constitution repeatedly, deliver party lectures regularly, keep in mind the party's requirements, and take the lead in implementing Xi Jinping thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era in the daily work. We should attach importance to theories, strengthen data, do well in interaction, and guide basic research, special research and random surveys. We should set an example in reviewing Xi Jinping thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era, the decisions and plans of the CPC Central Committee, the party constitution and regulations, as well as our original intention and mission, link thought with practice, find the gap and solve the problems. We will continue to strengthen the cultivation of party spirit, improve the capability to serve the Party and the people, and create a new situation in tourism development theory and data center construction.

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