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The "Conference of Customized Travel Research Results" Held in Beijing

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On the afternoon of Jul. 9, the "Conference of Customized Travel Research Results" sponsored by CTA was held in the south district of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Over 100 representatives from Ctrip, Caissa, HHtravel, and other industries, teaching and research institutions and media attended the conference.


Vice President Li Zhongguang from CTA presided over the conference. Research reports, corporate standards and other customized travel research results were published.

According to the “2019 Report on the Development of Customized Travel in China” released by Dr. Zhang Yang from the Industry Institute of CTA, as a travel mode between the traditional group tour and completely free travel, customized travel has gone from concept to market, from high-end to the public, enjoyed by more and more tourists. The demand-oriented service concept, the natural resource screening mechanism based on the evaluation of tourists, and the integration and innovation of the supply chain make customized travel a propeller and an effective lever for the high-quality development of tourism.

Customized Travel Business General Manager Xie Zhaosheng from Ctrip released the "Ctrip Customized Platform for Supplier Management Standards", pointing out that the standards timely respond to the urgent demand for the new industry standard after the emergence of customized enterprise form, expound the connotation of customized tourism and related terms, and greatly improve the service standards of China's tourism industry, as a practical performance to fulfill the social responsibility of the platform and specifically implement the requirements of high-quality development on travel service providers.

Dean Xu Zhiyun from Ctrip Tourism School made a speech titled “Build a High-quality Tourism Talent Development Supporting System: Ctrip C+ Customizer Training Program", analyzing the current situation of customizer, introducing the development process of Ctrip customizer, releasing the certification training program for multi-level (junior, middle level, senior) customizer, and sharing the concept and practice of Ctrip Tourism School in the construction of high-quality tourism talent system.

Vice President Wang Hui from Caissa Group delivered the report "Customize Good Travel Life - Customized Proposition and Practice of Caissa", pointing out that the customized tourism market has huge space and most potential, sharing the cases of Caissa’s customized tourism brand "wise choice" in Japan and South Pacific islands, and introducing the paid customizer model for creating "expert customizer" with "craftsman's heart".

Based on the “LB/T 073-2019 Requirements on the Quality Optimization of Tourism Products of Travel Agencies" released by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, COO Guo Ming from HHtravel delivered “High-end (Luxury) Customized Travel Products and Service Standards”. Combining the rich experience of HHtravel in the high-end customization market, he expressed the concept and classification of customized travel, shared the understanding of high-end customization and quality, and interpreted the new standards of Paragraph 78, Article 95, Chapter 19 from the aspects of product standard, tour guide standard and supplier standard. 

Director Yang Honghao from Industry Institute of CTA presided over the round table discussion. President Huang Ruiling from MSC Mediterranean Cruise China shared the overview of MSC Mediterranean Cruise, the experience of serving Chinese tourists, and the customized "ship within a ship" products. General Manager Sun Yanhua from customized tourism department of China Travel Service Head Office introduced the department setting after the integration of the travel service division, and shared how to make use of the group's traditional resources and 48 visa centers in the world to access customized tourism. General Manager Jiang Zhenming from customization department of Shanghai Airlines Tourism Group shared his views on how the old state-owned traditional travel agencies should transform from wholesale to retail and then develop into customized travel agencies. Jia Jianqiang, Founder and CEO of, shared the operating mode of 6renyou, the three upgrades of 6-person travel customized service, and the advantages and disadvantages of customized travel. Senior Vice President Lin Yan from U-tour Group Co., Ltd. introduced the situation of U-tour customized tourism, and pointed out the contradiction between supply and demand and labor cost problem in the development of customized tourism. General Manager Wang Shanshan from business travel center of Tongcheng Tourism mentioned that Tongcheng Tourism set up a customized project department in 2015, which has been developing for more than four years to pay more attention to the recommendation of guests, and put forward the concept of "affordable customized travel", so that more people can afford customized travel. Deputy general Manager Tandjie from the free travel department of CYTS introduced the operation of Yaoyue and Aoyou brands, and pointed out that from 2016 to 2018, the proportion of customized customers increased from 11% to 26%. CYTS is exploring product classification, customer classification and marketing model classification in terms of business model, product form and service concept of customizer. CAI Yun, Founder of Unique Way pointed out that Unique Way has always been conducting customization in the public domain, and shared the experience and practices of realizing data precipitation, supply chain improvement, process standardization, talent cultivation and human efficiency improvement. Ren Jing, Founder of Zhinanmao, shared the initial intention and purpose of the company to make customized travel services affordable for everyone, introduced the ways and practices of that platform enabling customization, and expressed the desire for the market to respect customized services and cultivate a sense of payment.

President Dai Bin gave a concluding speech entitled "Customized Travel Promotes High-quality Tourism Development". He proposed that to realize the high-quality development of tourism, the key role and positive role of market players must be brought into play. Customized travel is a business model that starts from the consumer sovereignty, relies on the professional operation of travel agents, and provides quality service for tourists on the basis of focus and stratification. It has become a successful exploration and effective path for the market player to promote the high-quality development of tourism. Customized travel needs more consensus, more corporate standards, more product brands, and authoritative third-party evaluation.

In the end, on behalf of the participants, Vice President Li Zhongguang from CTA released the consensus of the conference, "a Letter to the Tourism Industry for Customized Travel". All parties expressed their willingness to actively participate in the development of customized travel and jointly promote the high-quality development of tourism.

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