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Help Tourists: Upgrade of “Global SOS Platform” by CTA, UNDP, CCIEE and Ctrip

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A cake in the "museum of travel safety" stands out as a celebration for birthday visitors after Ctrip leader Zheng Jie, coordinated by global travel SOS, safely took them to the airport during the April bomb attack in Sri Lanka.

In 2018, nearly 150 million domestic tourists travelled abroad, and they encountered increasing problems during their travels. Especially in the case of sudden natural disasters and violent terrorist incidents, their safety is threatened due to language barrier and unfamiliar environment.

The "global travel SOS platform" jointly upgraded by CTA, Ctrip, UNDP and other parties will provide 24-hour online service within 2 minutes. The platform has the one-button SOS function especially in case of a major natural disaster, to provide help for visitors timely.

In fact, the "global SOS platform" has been on Ctrip APP for two years, serving over 300 million tourists, with a rescue success rate of 97.9%. It has helped tourists in more than 20 emergencies, including the eruption of mount argonne in Bali island, the earthquake in Hawaii, Flying Swallow, Yutu and Mangostu typhoons.

"Museum of travel safety" : 14,000 stories that exceed the capacity

Besides emergencies, tourists can also turn to the “global travel SOS platform” for foreign medical treatment, emergency translation, lost items recovery and other needs during their travels. Ice cubes at the scene show the true story on the platform.

For example, on Feb. 5, 2019, Ms. Chen, who was traveling in Thailand, sent her 7-year-old daughter back to China through SOS because her mother was diagnosed with a lung infection and needed to be cared for.

On Mar. 17, 2019, a tourist who was scratched by a monkey in Bali successfully sought medical treatment overseas through the online help of SOS platform.

On May 4, 2019, Ms. Jiang's child's schoolbag together with all holiday homework was lost in the Hong Kong hotel. The SOS platform successfully helped them find the schoolbag through the mutual assistance function.

Since its launch, the “global travel SOS platform” has received more than 14,000 requests from more than 100 destinations around the world.

The global travel safety handbook was released and the platform was opened, so as to popularize travel safety knowledge.

Besides emergency relief during travel, the upgraded “global travel SOS platform” will also educate travelers about travel safety before their travels.

At the scene, President Dai Bin from CTA, UNDP representative Devanand RAMIAH, CCIEE Deputy Director Zhang Yi, Ctrip Vice President and CEO of Tourism and Entertainment Department Yu Xiaojiang jointly released the “Global Travel Safety Guide”.

The Guide, produced by professional experts from 64 countries, covers security, warning areas and religious taboos in the destinations, and has been launched on the “global travel SOS platform” for travelers to check before their travel. At the same time, visitors can also find the natural disaster self-help guidance provided by UNDP on the platform.

"The SOS platform already has systems, operational standards and collaborative networks, and this kind of project requires not only the participation of market players, but also more social institutions", said President Dai Bin.

UNDP representative Devanand RAMIAH affirmed the upgrade of the “global travel SOS platform”: "all these achievements will increase travellers' awareness of risk, enhance their ability to respond to emergencies, and ensure safe travel through the application of innovative technologies and methods."

CCIEE Deputy Director Zhang Yi proposed further goals for the platform: not only to become a safety keeper for Chinese tourist, but also to become a guard for international tourists in China.

“We will continue to build a service platform open to the government, institutions, industries and all tourists, to ensure the safety of tourists and prevent their trips from danger", said Yu Xiaojiang, Ctrip Vice President and CEO of Tourism and Entertainment Department.

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