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Beijing ByteDance Institute of Public Policy Visited CTA

2020-5-20 15:49:30       Size:[L  M  S]

On the morning of Jul. 25, Yuan Xiang, Executive Director of Beijing ByteDance Institute of Public Policy, Wang Wei, Deputy General Manager of Public Affairs of Toutiao, and other relevant department heads and researchers visited CTA.

Director Yuan Xiang introduced their strategic research on enterprises, the public policy research ob the Internet industry, the social responsibility promotion on the platform construction and the public opinion research on the government demand. He expressed the hope to maintain communication and cooperation with the CTA to form forward-looking and in-depth research results.

President Dai Bin highly praised the work and achievements of the Institute of Public Policy. He said both parties have common ground in data mining, policy advice and enterprise cooperation, and thus can seek new demand and new drivers, jointly release research reports and data reports, and jointly tell a good China story.

Participants from both parties also discussed issues such as new media city promotion, intelligent data construction and industry research.

Tang Xiaoyun, Vice President of CTA, Yang Honghao, Director of Industry Institute, He Qiongfeng, Director of Data Analysis Institute, and Doctor Chen Nan from Statistical Research Institute attended the meeting.

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