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CTA Delegation Visited CCEE for Special Research

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In order to carry out the research of the educational activities themed "never forget the original intention, remember the mission", as well as the development tasks such as research on integration of culture and tourism, and construction of cultural data, President Dai Bin led a delegation to CCEE for special research.

CCEE is a public and comprehensive service platform and a cultural financial platform for investment, loan and bonus, jointly established by Beijing Municipal Committee Propaganda Department, Finance Bureau of Beijing, Beijing Cultural Capital Office and Beijing Cultural Investment Group.

At the exchange meeting, both parties watched the Flash, PPT and other materials for the introduction of CCEE, and held an in-depth discussion on issues of common concern. Liu Qian, Leader of CCEE, welcomed the delegation and introduced the establishment background, development, achievements and organizational philosophy of CCEE and proposed cooperation direction of both parties. She hoped that both parties can work together to build a mature cultural finance database, which can be used to calculate the financing needs of cultural enterprises on the platform, reduce the risk of capital use, and make cultural investment and financing more efficient and practical. She also hoped the delegation may give some suggestions to CCEE’s database. Department Manager Li Yue introduced technology, business, application, cultural and financial products, etc. Technical Director Shi Baojing introduced data collection, database and modeling.

President Dai Bin introduced the research background, and hoped both parties may carry out communication on cultural and tourism reform, new elements of cultural and tourism industry, research topics, data construction and cooperation concerns. He highly recognized the strategic positioning and achievements of CCEE, and its development experience is worth summarizing and popularizing, and assured that CCEE will play an important role in the industry, demonstration and guidance, and the role of market mechanism. He also raised suggestions on the both parties' research cooperation in the fields of institutions, theories, systems, personnel and data. Vice President Li Zhongguang, Director He Qiongfeng from Data Analysis Institute, and Vice Professor Zhang Yang from Industry Institute also made statements.

After the meeting, the delegation visited Lux Shine Company, Beijing Wood Workshop and other cultural enterprises.

Vice President Li Zhongguang, Director He Qiongfeng from Data Analysis Institute, Dr. Zhang Yang from Industry Institute, Postdoctor Xin Anna, Postdoctor Li Shihui, Postdoctor Zhai Huimin and Visiting Scholar Chai Yan participated in the research.

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