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“Conference of 2019 Semi-annual Tourism Economy Research Results and Outbound Tourism Development Report” Held in Beijing

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On the afternoon of Aug. 1, the "Conference of 2019 Semi-annual Tourism Economy Research Results and Outbound Tourism Development Report" sponsored by CTA and supported by ifeng.com was held at the conference center of Beijing International Hotel. CTA released the national tourism economy status in the first half of 2019, and delivered the outbound tourism research report together with Ctrip, Mafengwo and Shanghai Creatoo Network Technology Co., Ltd., which is another demonstration of the cooperative research results of our data center after the release of the results of night travel and customized travel this year.

President Dai Bin, Director Zhang Lina of Heilongjiang Provincial Culture and Tourism Office, Vice President Tang Xiaoyun, and nearly 150 representatives from cultural and tourism authorities of Haidian District and Huairou District, tourism enterprises, scientific research institutions, and media inside and outside Beijing attended the conference. The conference was presided over by Ma Yiliang, Director of the Statistical Research Institute of CTA.

Vice President Tang Xiaoyun pointed out in her opening speech that the analysis of tourism economy is a major foundation project that CTA has been carrying out since its establishment. In the new era of integrated development of culture and tourism, CTA will gradually recover the release of economic research results, and welcome friends from all walks of life to pay more attention. Tourism economy analysis is professional work with strong theory, policy, timeliness and practice, which at least needs two kinds of support: one is solid theoretical foundation, while the other is solid data support. In the future, CTA will invest more efforts to constantly enrich and improve theory and application system construction of cultural and tourism economy analysis.

Dr. He Qiongfeng, Director of Data Analysis Institute of CTA, released the “2019 Semi-annual National Tourism economy”, showing that in the first half of 2019, the cultural and tourism consumption was active and became more normal, domestic tourism grew steadily, and the inbound and outbound tourism developed steadily. CTA-TEP in the first half of the year is at the "relative prosperity" level of 118.2, up 1.26% as against the first half of 2018. The main indicators of tourism economy reached the expected value, and the mass participation and sense of gain steadily improved.

Dr. Yang Jinsong, Director of the Institute of International Studies of CTA, released the “2019 Report on China's Outbound Tourism Development”, which shows the development trend of China's outbound tourism from several dimensions, including the overall characteristics, market competition, the source of tourists in the competition between "free travel" and "group tour", the consumption characteristics of major destinations and the satisfaction of destinations.

Peng Liang from CTA-Ctrip Tourism Big Data Joint Lab released the “new group tour era - 2019 big data report on China’s outbound group tour", showing the development trend of modern new group tour and the consumption habits of tourists via analysis on the big data of millions of vacation products on Ctrip's platform, and combining with the registration of more than 7,000 Ctrip stores in major cities.

ZHAO Ran from CTA-Mafengwo Free Travel Big Data Joint Lab released the "Belt and Road - 2019 big data report on China’s outbound free travel", summarizing six main development trends of China's outbound tourism market, and conducting in-depth analysis and interpretation from destination marketing, customer market development, consumer consumption trends and other aspects.

Zhang Jiayi from CTA-Creatoo Joint Lab of Public Culture and Leisure released ”2019 Semi-annul Data Report on National Cultural Consumption”. The research group carried out special research on cultural consumption in 31 provinces and autonomous regions to collect more than 15,000 effective samples, and formed a data report on the demand characteristics, consumption characteristics and satisfaction of the national cultural market.

Dr. Chen Nan from Statistical Research Institute of CTA presided over the round table discussion. Secretary of the Party Committee Cao Lisheng from China National Commercial Information Center, Director Chen Jing from Haidian District Culture and Tourism Bureau, Zhu Shunnan from China Tourism Group, Professor Li Xiang from Tourism School of Beijing Union University, Vice General Manager Cheng Xin from Business Center of Meituan Ticket Holiday Business Unit and others carried out in-depth discussion on the domestic tourism in the first half of 2019 and the development trend in the second half of 2019.

President Dai Bin delivered the summary speech titled "Integrated Innovation Leads High-quality Tourism Economy Development", pointing out that tourism is slowly transforming from low frequency to high frequency, no matter from the perspectives of market, industry or the government's policy, we are facing a new era of integrated development of culture and tourism and high-quality development of tourism. Cultural consumption and tourism activities are increasingly becoming an important part of people's desire for a better life, and people's yearning for a better life is becoming a new driving force for tourism development in the new era. Entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity are leading the development of tourism, and the system of building and governing tourism in accordance with the law is being continuously improved. High-quality development is not a single indicator, and it is not only the improvement of tourists' satisfaction, but also the improvement of the organic composition of enterprise capital, enabling us to produce more new technologies and new elements. He hoped that in the new stage of high-quality development of culture and tourism, we should and must cultivate a strong market entity, without which the high-quality development of tourism will become the water without source. Without the bottom support, the great acorns cannot rise from the ground.

Finally, President Dai Bin and the research team from CTA interacted with the attendees and answered questions from the journalists.

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