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Chairman of the Board Wang Wenbao from Shanxi Cultural Tourism Group Visited CTA

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On the afternoon of Jul. 31, Chairman of the Board Wang Wenbao and Vice General Manager Liu Juan from Shanxi Cultural Tourism Group, Chairman of the Board Fan Leping from Shanxi Cultural Tourism Hotel Management Group, and Chairman of the Board Zhou Yongjie from Shanxi Cultural Tourism Group Information Technology Company visited CTA. President Dai Bin welcomed the delegation. Both parties had in-depth exchanges on the development of national cultural tourism, the development pattern of tourism group, the development of Shanxi cultural tourism industry and cooperation between both parties.

Chairman of the Board Wang Wenbao first introduced the background of Shanxi Cultural Tourism Group, its current strategic layout, and the purpose of the visit. He hope that both parties may have strategic cooperation in the “first conference on integrated innovation and development of digital cultural tourism", "report on the development of digital cultural and tourism integration industry", Shanxi smart tourism cloud platform, big data connection and operating linkage, building big data application research base, national digital cultural tourism integration application lab, “top 20 China travel group" selection activities, as well as the transformation of academic research and achievements.

President Dai Bin said that Chairman of the Board Wang Wenbao, as the leader of the largest cultural tourism group in Shanxi, experienced the development of tourism resources in Shanxi and the integration of cultural tourism in China, the transformation determination of Shanxi Cultural Tourism Group is strong, and it faces large pressure but also great potential. He proposed that the development of tourism needs solid support for theory, big data and market players, and analyzed the development pattern and trend of central tourism enterprises, provincial tourism groups and major city tourism groups, pointing out that strong market players are most important. Then he Shared the problems, opportunities and future development of Shanxi cultural tourism industry. Finally, he responded positively to the cooperation intention of Chairman of the Board Wang Wenbao, saying that besides the aspects mentioned above, both parties can also cooperate in high-level talent training, post-doctoral training, visiting scholars, personnel exchanges, party building and other aspects.

Director Yang Honghao from Industry Institute and Director He Qiongfeng from Data Analysis Institute attended the meeting.

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