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“2019 China Travel Service Industry Development Report” was Released in Kaifeng

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    On Oct. 23, 2019, the “2019 China Travel Service Industry Development Forum and the Annual Meeting of the ‘One Belt And One Road’ Urban Tourism Alliance”, co-sponsored by CTA, Culture and Tourism Department of Henan Province, Kaifeng Municipal People's Government and Henan University, was held in Kaifeng. President Dai Bin led the research team to participate in the meeting and gave a speech.

    At the meeting, Dr. Zhang Yang of the Institute of Industry Research, on behalf of the research group, released the “2019 China Travel Service Industry Development Report”, which mainly answered three questions in the development of the travel service industry: why do we need more ubiquitous travel services? what kind of travel services do tourists need? on the supply side, what services are being provided by the market or the government?

    In 2018, China’s national tourism market still maintained a good growth. The rapid growth of demand is supported by strong supply capacity. From group tours and self-help tours to the growing customized tours, tourists need travel services everywhere. The value of travel service has become even more apparent in the competition in airline and hotel, as well as online travel holidays.

    The booming development of market segments is turning tourism into a business with threshold. The free travel of citizens in a wider range of the world relies on professional travel service. Various demands require to view tourism resources from a more macro and inclusive perspective, access to more individual resources, and integrate these resources with more efficient capabilities, so as to build a dynamic open platform. Tourists’ rational pursuit to efficiency is bound to require faster service supply and shorter and more efficient service chain. The global DTC (Direct to Consumer) is influencing the tourism industry, either as a direct customer model or as a future choice for many enterprises in the travel chain. At present, tourists’ stickiness to enterprises is still insufficient, which requires travel service providers to learn how to “operate customers” from one-time “serving customers”. The attempts of market players in private traffic and paying members confirm this trend.

    In view of market supply, listed travel agencies have favorable financial performance, while the top enterprises are accelerating internationalization. Source suppliers continues the direct selling trend, becoming the pioneer to explore “direct connection + Inter-connection”. The wholesalers are faced with compression in their business space, and their roles need to be changed, from channel thinking to both user thinking and channel thinking. The new B2B platform obtains the favour of resource market. In the tourism chain, the relationship between group tour and local reception is changing. Local travel agencies are transforming from “processing with supplied materials” to “taking the initiative to build the brand”, and they are expanding a wider range of customer access channels.

    From the perspective of public supply, the boundary between the government and the market has moved, and platform (large) enterprises are inevitably involved in industry governance and play the role and function of active governance. Enterprises appears frequently in the field of public service, and it is possible to form a new business model under the concept of joint construction, governance and sharing between the government and market entities.

(The official publication of the report is available at Tourism Education Press, Dangdang and Amazon.)

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