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President Dai Bin Led a Delegation to China BES Cultural Tourism Group

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  On the afternoon of Oct. 18, President Dai Bin led a team to China BES Cultural Tourism Group for investigation and discussion. Representatives from BES attending the meeting include Chief Scientist Wu Bihu, Vice President Gao Zhihai, Vice President Huang Xiaohui, Chief Engineer/General Manager of BES Xike Wen Yi, General Manager of BES Wenchuang Liu Yuheng, etc.

    At the meeting, Mr. Wu Bihu extended a warm welcome to Dean Dai Bin and his delegation, and shared his experience. He looked forward to the in-depth cooperation between both parties. Mr. Gao Qihai introduced the development history and current business situation of the company, and Wen Yi, Wang Yabo and other department heads respectively introduced the business sectors such as BES Xike, BES Yunyou, etc.

    President Dai Bin gave full recognition to the achievements made by Professor Wu and the company under his leadership in recent years, pointed out that Professor Wu Bihu skillfully links academic and business, and promotes the development of tourism industry, and believed that the BES is a successful explorer who transforms academic achievements into business performance, a successful practitioner of the transformation of cultural tourism enterprises, a builder of better life shared by local people and tourists, and an international partner.

    Based on his years of work experience, President Dai Bin shared his views on the future development of the tourism groups and pointed out that the tourism groups should strengthen the core skills and form their own core competitiveness from the perspective of core competence construction. He recognized the construction mode of sojourn scene without living space, and suggested that BES should strengthen the practice in R&D, design and local promotion. President Dai also responded positively to the cooperation intention from BES, saying that both parties can carry out in-depth cooperation in promoting the laboratory of heritage tourism, exploring business models and new needs, and developing new products.

    Afterwards, President Dai Bin gave a lecture on “Cultural and Tourism Integration and High-quality Innovative Development” to the R&D group of BES.

    Dr. Guo Na from the Institute of Planning and Leisure, Postdoctor Han Jinfang, Zhai Huimin, Wang Juan and Zhang Jingmei participated in the research and discussion.

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