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CTA Held a Consultation Meeting on Major Topics of “2019 China Night Economic Forum Cooperation Research”

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    According to the general requirements of the major topic consultation system of the Academy, in order to ensure the quality of key issues and major research results, CTA held a consultation meeting on major topics of “2019 China Night Economic Forum Cooperation Research”, which was presided over by Vice President Tang Xiaoyun.

    Yang Honghao, Director of the Institute of Industry, reported the overall arrangement as well as the data and personnel to be coordinated within CTA. On behalf of the research group, Dr. Zhao Yijing of the Institute of Industry Research introduced the general situation, research ideas and work plan. The directors and representatives of the Institute of Policy and Science, the Institute of Strategy, the Institute of Planning, the Institute of International Exchange, the Institute of Statistics and the Institute of Data put forward suggestions on the research scope, questionnaire design, data analysis and conference program.

    Vice President Li Zhongguang affirmed the significance of the research and proposed to strengthen the promotion of the results of the night economic research and the conference. Vice President Tang Xiaoyun put forward that the international vision and abundant achievements will form a strong support for the development of the Institute of Industry.

    President Dai Bin made a summary speech. He stressed that, first of all, we should have a deep understanding of the significance of the consultation meeting, and reflect the characteristics of the collective efforts, which is an advantage and important carrier of our scientific research culture; second, we should make night tourism another important achievement of CTA, further implement the guidance of the leaders of the Ministry, promote industrial development through theoretical research, and conduct research to lead academic and industrial development; finally, President Dai put forward some specific requirements and opinions on the meeting plan of “2019 China Night Economic Forum”.

    The heads of Scientific Research Management Department, International Exchange and Finance Department and members of the night economic research group attended the meeting.

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