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In accordance with Document No. [2007] 98 of the State Commission Office for Public Sector Reform, the Party Committee of China National Tourism Administration (CNTA) decided to establish China Tourism Academy (CTA) as a specialized institute directly under CNTA. On June 6th, 2008, CTA was officially established. In December 2015 it was also approved as National Tourism Data Center (NTDC), and in Jan 2017, it was included into the central research-based public service unit.

Aiming to be the “think tank of the government, brainpower of the industry and highland of the academia” through promoting China tourism industry development and international exchanges, China Tourism Academy (National Tourism Data Center) is dedicated to tourism research, data analysis, and tourism promotion. The research mainly focuses on the basic theories, policies, and key and important issues of tourism industry development. In addition, it also participates in the design, compilation and feasibility study of China tourism industry development planning, as well as provides the relevant technical support for reviewing the tourism development planning submitted by local government, undertakes tourism statistics data collection, management, analysis and prediction, studies tourism statistics science, conducts international tourism statistics exchanges and cooperation, trains high-level talents in tourism field, and highlights international and domestic academic exchanges.

CTA (NTDC) consists of three administrative departments, five institutes and a laboratory. The administrative departments refer to the Office, Research Administration Department and Academic Advancement Department, while institutes include Institute of Tourism Policy and Strategy Studies, Institute of Tourism Industry and Enterprise Development, Institute of Regional Tourism Planning and Development, Institute of International Tourism Development, and Tourism Statistics and Economic Analysis Center, as well as a National Laboratory for Tourism Economy(In Preparation). Cooperating with institutions of higher education and other research institutes, CTA has set up 14 external offices, namely the CTA Kunming Branch, CTA Wuhan Branch, Research Center of Tourism Market and Destination Marketing, Research Center of Tourism Theories, Research Center of Tourism Impact Studies, Research Center of Hospitality Industry, Research Center of Tourism Safety and Security, Research Center of Urban Tourism, Research Center of Tourism in Taiwan, Research Center of Tourism Development in Western China, Research center of Tourism Vocational Education, Research Center of Tourism Standardization, Research Center of Border Tourism, and Research Center of Tourism Academic Assessment. Besides, according to the demands of tourism development, other professional institutes have been cooperatively set up with teaching and research organizations and large tourism enterprises and institutions both home and abroad.

CTA (NTDC) employs established experts and scholars both home and abroad as the members and consultants of CTA Academic Committee.

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