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Dai Bin

Dai Bin, Doctor of Economics, Professor. Now, working as the President of China Tourism Academy, chairman of the second Academic Committee of CTA, and doctoral tutor in Huaqiao University, Dai was promoted exceptionally to professor by the Beijing Municipal Education Commission in 2003 and selected as the ¡°Beijing 100 Top-notch innovative Talents¡± in 2005. Dai is also an expert team member of the Emergency Office under the State Council, the national inspector of the National Tourism Hotel Evaluation Committee, independent director of several large listed tourism companies in China and the Management Consultant of many domestic tourism groups. Besides, he is an Academic Committee Member of the Tourism Tribune, as well as an Editorial Board Member of the China Tourist Hotels.

Research field: Tourism Company Management, Tourism Industry Economy

Main research achievements: Dai has published more than 300 academic papers concerning with tourism, including Contemporary Tourism Development: Concept, Framework and Highlights. Altogether, He published over 300 academic monographs, translations and teaching materials and carried out no less than 70 national research tasks and government/business organization-commissioned subjects, with 600 keynote speeches hosted.

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