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Dai Bin

Doctor in economics, professor, president of China Tourism Academy.

Research field: Tourism enterprise management, tourism industry economy.

Education background: 1989, graduated from Anhui Junior College of Business
1995, graduated from Anhui University of Finance and Economics with a master's degree in economics
2004, graduated from graduate school of China Academy of Social Sciences with a doctor's degree in economics

Work experience: From July. 1989, worked for Anhui University of Finance and Economics as teaching secretary, assistant, lecturer and associate professor in trade and economy department.
From Jan. 2001, worked for Beijing International Studies University as associate professor, professor of tourism management department, director of restaurant management department, deputy director general, director general of the scientific research department, standing subeditor of the academic journal, assistant to the principal and president of the college of Sino-Swiss restaurant management
April. 2008, vice-president of CTA
July. 2010, president of CTA

Main research achievements: Published over 400 theses in both domestic and foreign media such as Tourism Tribune and Tourism Science, these theses have been reprinted many times in some authoritative publications such as Tourism Management and The Yearbook of China Tourism,etc. Published monographs, translated works, textbooks and research reports amount to 30.Worked as Chief Editor of many annual reports, including Blue Book of China's Tourism Economy, Annual Report of China Outbound Tourism Development, Annual Report of China Inbound Tourism Development, Annual Report of China Regional Tourism Development, Annual Report of China leisure Development, Development Report of China's Hotel Industry,China Travel Agency Industry Development Annual Report, China Tourism Scenic Development Report, etc. Presided over 70 subjects entrusted by governmental departments and commercial organizations including National Natural Science Foundation, China National Tourism Administration, the Ministry of Education, the municipal government of Beijing, Beijing Social Sciences Planning Office, China National Tourism Group and Lingnan International Enterprise Group, etc.Delivered more than 800 keynote speeches.

Main academic monographs: Research on Modern Hotel Group£¨1998£©
Research on Transition and Reform of China¡¯s State-owned Restaurants£¨2002£©
Industry Restructuring and Collectivize Management of the State-owned Restaurants£¨2006£©
Comparative Study on the Travel Service Management (2000¡¢2006)
Travel Service Management(2002¡¢2005¡¢2009)
On the Safety and Growth Elements of the Tourism Industry in Beijing£¨2006£©
Economical Restaurant: International Experience and China¡¯s Practice£¨2007£©
Research Report of the Tourism Development in Beijing£¨2005¡¢2006¡¢2007¡¢2008£©
A Monitoring and Early Warning System of Chinese Tourism Economy(2013)

Others: 1999, elevated as associate professor by the Education Commission of Anhui Province
2003, elevated as professor by Beijing Municipal Education Commission
2005, one of the first selected ¡°Beijing top-notch innovative personnel 100 people plan¡±
2006, awarded the title of ¡°outstanding teacher of Beijing¡±
2007, awarded the title of ¡°national outstanding teacher¡±
2013,selected as a member of "National library cadre education and training of teachers"

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