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Jiang Yiyi

Doctor in geography, associate researcher.

Research field: Tourism market, international tourism cooperation, tourism effect.

Education background: 1996-2000, Department of city and environment of Peking University, major in natural resources and environmental ecology, bachelor¡¯s degree.
2000-2006, College of Environment of Peking University, major in natural geography, doctor¡¯s degree (successive postgraduate and doctoral program of studies).

Work experience: 2006-2008, Tourism research and planning and design centre of the Institute of geographical science and resources of China Academy of Sciences, post-doctor.

Main research achievements : She has hosted 1 Youth Project funded by National Natural Science Foundation ; 1 major sub-topic project funded by National Social Science; 1 major sub-topic project funded by National Natural Science Foundation ;1 post-doctoral foundation and 1 research project funded by Beijing Tourism administration.As the second person in charge, she participated in a National Natural Science Foundation. As a key member, she participated in a ¡°973¡± project organized by Ministry of Science and Technology; some other major contributions includes: 6 projects funded by National Natural Science Foundation, 1 project funded by National Social Science Foundation.She has published over 20 high-level academic papers in "Journal of Ecology" , " geography research", " Progress in Geography ", "Resources Science ", "International Journal of Sustainable Development and World Ecology" (SCI retrieval) and some other relevant core journals home and abroad.She also presided over a number of commissioned projects by Ministry of Commerce China National Tourism Administration, China Development Bank and other organizations. She published 1 book, complied and translated 2 books. She is currently member of Expert Committee in eco-city study of China Ministry of Construction.

Main academic monographs: Tourism landscape: Pattern and Process ( 2009 )
Ecological Sustainability Evaluation and its Space Differentiation Analysis of the Tourism Spots (2007)

Main academic thesis: Research on Tourism Ecological Compensation: Progress and Prospects ( 2013 )
Spatial difference4s in ecological sustainability based on a PSR Model( 2013 )
Assessment on ecological sustainability of roads in touristic areas ( 2011 )
Evaluating eco-sustainability and its spatial variability of touristic area (2009)
Theories on Tourism landscape and its ecosystem ( 2008 )

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