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Jiang Yanxia

Doctor in management, assistant researcher.

Research field: Research on tourism industry economy and investment.

Education background: 1993£­1997, Shandong University of Finance£¬major in marketing, bachelor¡¯s degree in economics.
1999£­2002, Shandong Economic University£¬major in accounting, master¡¯s degree in management.
2003£­2007, Xi¡¯an Jiaotong University, major in financial management, doctor¡¯s degree in management.

Work experience: 1997£­1999, Jinan Hualian Commercial Group.
2002£­2003, Shandong Economic University.
2008£­2011, Renmin University of China (post-doctor).

Main research achievements: She has hosted 1 post-doctoral foundation; participated 2 projects of National Natural Science Foundation; published over 30 papers in core academic journals, such as SSCI, EI, CSSC.

Main academic thesis: Influencing Factors for Predicting Financial Performance Based on Genetic Algorithms (2009)
Stock Return Prediction Based on Bagging-Decision Tree (2009)
Classification Model of Companies¡¯ Financial Performance Based on Integrated Support Vector Machine (2009)
Using genetic algorithms to predict stock returns--evidence from China (2007)

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