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Li Chuangxin

Doctor in management, associate researcher.

Research field: International tourism market development, tourism social and cultural geography

Education background: 2001-2005, College of Environment and Planning of Henan University, major in Management of Resources Environment and Urban Planning, Bachelor of Science degree.
2005-2008, College of Tourism and Environment of Shaanxi Normal University, major in Human Geography, Master of Science degree.
2008-2011, College of Tourism and Environment of Shaanxi Normal University, major in Tourism Management, Doctor of Management degree.

Main research achievements: He published over 40 papers in academic journals, such as Geographical Research, Scientia Geographica Sinica, Tourism Tribune, Economic Geography, Resources Science, etc. He had finished 1 National Natural Science Foundation of China (Youth Project) as the chief expert. Meanwhile, he had finished 1 National Post-doctoral Foundation of China also as the chief expert. In an chief expert position, he is hosting 1 Provincial Social Science Foundation of Beijing, and 1 Ministerial Science Foundation of China National Tourism Administration. Moreover, He participated in several research projects, including 6 National Natural Science Foundations of China, 4 National Social Science Foundations of China, 6 Ministerial or Provincial Science Foundations. In addition, he has hosted or participated in more than 50 tourism planning projects as well as research projects.

Main academic monographs: Study on Diffusion Models of China Inbound Tourists Flows¡ª¡ªTake Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong as Examples (2015).

Main academic thesis: Research Progress, Theoretical Review and Trend Judgment on the Study of Self-driving Travel in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei (2017)
Introspection and Counterattack beyond the Controversy of Tourism Space Justice (2017)
Beautiful Countryside: the key to the Rural Tourism 2.0 Strategy and the Beautiful China Strategy (2016)
An Overview on Diffusion Mechanism of Inbound Tourists Flows£¨2016£©
Regional Structure and Dynamic Evolution Mode of Chinese Inbound Tourism from 1993 to 2012: Based on the Spatial and Temporal View£¨2015£©
Achievement, Opportunities and Development Strategies of China Inbound Tourism£¨2013£©
Dynamic Evolution Mode of Regional Dominance Indexes of Chinese Inbound Tourism Flows During 1993 to 2008 (2012)
The Spatial Field Effect and Regional Structure of Concentration and Diffusion of Inbound Tourism Flows on Spatial and Temporal Scale (2012)
Research on the Spatial and Temporal Dynamics of the Concentration and Diffusion of Inbound Tourist Flows in China s Western Regions from 1994 to 2008 (2011)
Characters of Regional Structure of Chinese Inbound Tourism Flows¡¯ Concentration and Diffusion Based on Spatial Transferring State Matrix (2011)
Dynamic Analysis on Field Effect of Concentration and Diffusion of Inbound Tourism Flows in Dual View of Diachronism and Synchronism (2011)
An Analysis of Space-time Dynamic Evolution and Dislocation of Inbound Tourism Based on Typical Cities (2010)

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