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Chen Xianger

Ph.D. in geography, China Tourism Academy Post-doctor.

Research field: Research on cultural heritage tourism and tourism planning and management.

Education background: 2002-2006, graduated from Anhui University, bachelor¡¯s degree in management.
2007-2010, graduated from Capital Normal University, master¡¯s degree in management.
2010-2014, graduated from Institute of Geographic Science and Natural Resources Research, CAS, doctor¡¯s degree in geography.

Main research achievements: she has participated over 10 tourism planning projects.

Main academic thesis: Set Relationships between Tourists¡¯ Authentic Perceptions and Authenticity of World Heritage Resources (2014)
Tour Routes of Tourism Agriculture in the Suburbs of Big Cities Based on the Types and Spatial Characteristics of Resources¡ªA Case Study of Minhang District of Shanghai (2013)
The Set-type Relationships between Object-related Authenticity and Subject-related Authenticity in Cultural Heritage Tourism¡ªA Case Study of the National Palace Museum in Beijing(2012)
An Adaptive Study on the Daytime Camping Sitein the Urban Comprehensive Park¡ªTaking Chaoyang Park in Beijing as An Example(2009)

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